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Twitter User Tracking tool What is Twitter User's Tweets Tracker

Twitter User Tweets Watch
Twitter user tracking is a unique tool that allows tracking of preselected twitter users based on specific keywords.
You will be notified by email each time the pre-selected Twitter user tweeted with one of the keywords of your choice.
You can choose up to 10 twitter users, with 10 different keywords.

Here is how the Twitter User Tracking works:
Let's say you want to track tweets from @vicconsult @montreallisting @webseodirectory @ottawaads and you want to be notified when one of these users tweeted with one of the keywords of your choice: service, twitter, apartment, SEO. Our system will validate hourly all tweets of these users. If one of the tweets contains any of the pre-selected keywords, you will receive a notification email with details of users and their tweets.

Why do you need the Twitter User Tracking?
Do you want to receive the latest news and updates from multiple sources within an hour? Then, this tool is for you!
Get the latest tweeted news about your 10 favorite celebrities to your mail box within an hour. Our system will monitor their tweets for keywords like: marriage, divorce, beak up, engagement, tour, and etc.
Get the latest announcements and press releases for preselected by you 10 Companies. Our system will monitor their tweets for keywords like: revenue, loss, increase and etc.
The possibilities are endless! This is a service customized for you and by you!

In other words, Twitter User Tracking tool will save you time and will deliver news directly to you.

Twitter User Tracking limitations
  • Twitter user tracking will scan user's tweets every hour
  • Up to 200 tweets will be scanned for each tracked user

Price for Twitter Tracker Pricing

For only $2 a month you can track hourly up to 10 twitter users.