Auto DM anyone who starts following you on Twitter with the best AutoResponder and lead generator app!

You've got a new follower on Twitter, we send him your custom DM within 1 hour. Successful Twitter marketing is powerful. Unlock new opportunities to grow your business online with our Auto Reply service for Twitter. Continious social media marketing is the best online advertising strategy.

Join 56,408 professionals who trust VIC Consulting Auto DM new Followers on Twitter

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☆☆☆☆☆ Why 56,408 professionals using and trust our Twitter Auto DM Campaigns

☆ Introduce yourself or your business and services to every new follower
☆ Reach your follower when they are on Twitter and based on their time-zone
☆ Drive targeted and quality traffic to your website, facebook page, online shops and more
☆ Increase sales, leads and conversions
☆ Low investment with High ROI
☆ Start conversations and engage with your new followers
☆ Don't miss anyone, even those who unfollow you
☆ Most efficient social media marketing strategy
☆ An amazing tool for social marketing and online advertising on Twitter
☆ A fantastic way to promote your newly launched website (SEO), as well as to keep your established website receiving quality traffic
☆ Save your time, stop doing manual work by sending the same DM over and over, instead use that time to promote your twitter account and gain more followers
☆ Followers responding back as it was sent manually, there is no way people can find out the DM was automated, unless you say so
☆ Auto DM's are fully customisable, could include twitter username or full name, sent within one hour (not immediately), up to 1000 characters long, rich teaxt with links and emoji & symbols

Our Packages for Twitter Auto DM

More features at a lower price, it is almost FREE, just a few pennies a day:

$3.99 a month - regular plan ☆☆
$9.99 every 3 months - saving plan ☆☆
$18.99 every 6 months - super saving plan ☆☆☆

We do our best, we know how to automate on Twitter, but payment processing we leave to the best on the market - all your payments received, processed and secured by PayPal.
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✋ Opt-Out Of Automated Welcome Messages sent by our application - this is only for requests not to receive auto DMs sent by our system. Please send us an email at opt-out twitter dm with your twitter user name to opt-out. We will process this request within 2 business days.

Our Auto DM service for Twitter includes

  • Auto DMs to new followers are sent every hour.
  • You can set 3 different auto DMs based on the number of followers that your new follower has.
  • Fully customised DMs with the recipient's full name and twitter name.
  • This is online service, you don't have to be connected on our website
  • Variety of special symbols to choose from, making your DM rich and fancy
  • Supporting Twitter Symbols: Smiley, Emoji and Emoticons
  • Track the number of followers, friends and tweets everyday, and Twitter following patterns.
  • Schedule future tweets. Instead of having to remember to go back to your content, you can just schedule a tweet right on the site.
  • Up to 15 direct messages can be sent every hour, and a maximum of 350 DMs a day.
  • Tweet to us to get the latest status of your service via @reply on Twitter: @vicconsult what is my_status

Tweet later is a free function that comes with our premium AutoResponder / Auto DM users. This allows you to schedule future tweets to keep your Twitter account live, even when you are away. Setting it up is as easy as 1-2-3, choose the date, time and timezone.

Our Auto-Responder app for Twitter not only sends personalized messages, but you can add a degree of personal interaction and professionalism by automatically adding said follower's real name or Twitter name into the message. This function can, of course, be turned off at any moment.

Analytics: Followers / Friends / Tweets trends. Twitter following per hour stats.

Our state-of-art dashboard gives you an idea of how your Twitter account performs: Followers grow over the time, trend of number of Twitter users you follow, trend of number of tweets, and follow hour distribution.
Twitter analytics, followers / friends / tweets trends. Folowing per hour distribution.

How Auto Reply new Followers Campaign on Twitter works

Twitter Auto DM to a new Followers how it works
Our service is online, not a desktop application. This means our Auto DM tool will send direct messages to your new followers on Twitter constantly and you don't need to stay on our website to make the system work.

Managing a Twitter account is a very demanding work and maintaining a stable stream of followers is quite a daunting task, this is where auto-responder for Twitter comes in, you can send automatic direct messages to anyone who starts following you.

Total number of sent Auto DMs to a new followers on Twitter: 31,456,414

Need help? email us at twitter auto dm help

Tutorial how to setup Advertising Campaign to Auto Reply new Followers on Twitter

Auto DM for Twitter - Setup

1) Sign in with Twitter user to authorise our application
2) Type in 3 different messages (it can be the same message to all)
3) Click to save all the message.

Schedule Tweets in the Future

1) Sign in with Twitter user to authorise our application
2) Type in your tweet
3) Select timezone, time and date
4) Click to add the schedule.
Repeat these steps as many as you want to schedule tweets in a future as many as you need.

Twitter Auto DM - Proven as a most efficient strategy to drive targeted visitors to your website

Case study: Twitter auto DMs are one of the best tools to drive targeted quality traffic to your website.

We analyzed our traffic on a new launched website and discovered the main traffic was driven from Twitter via Auto DM when people followed our account.

Just follow these 2 easy steps, spend 5 minutes every day and you will get your website quality traffic from targeted visitors:
1) Set Auto DM with us. Write catchy welcome direct message including link to your website.
2) Find relevant users to your niche, and follow them every day. You can find them from the search on Twitter or from the suggested users
Twitter Auto DM SEO for targeted quality traffic to your website

What others say about our Auto Reply for Twitter Followers

☆ Previously, I sent each new follower a message, which took up a lot of my time. I'm now looking forward to loads of extra time, while my new followers still receive a personal message from me.

☆ This service is great. It allows me to get back to all those followers who have taken the time to invest their valuable time in me by reading my tweets. Thank you VIC Consulting!

☆ They have a very professional service its very prompt and accurate. I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you for helping to make sure my followers know i appreciate them.

☆ This service provides a convenient & friendly appreciative thanks to those who follow you. Make an impact & get noticed, use this automated service to connect with those who follow you from the start!

☆ I really love their service. Its quick. By using their autoresponder my sales increased by 60 percent. You should really try them. They rocks.

☆ I have been testing this for a few months and have noticed that my follower count is growing faster with the service than without. So is my influence. The auto welcome DM allows me to engage people (not sell them) and getting those conversations going means I'm building relationships. That's powerful!

We recommend Auto DM on Twitter for ANY Business that uses Twitter among their top social marketing tools!

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By using our services, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined below in Service Limits, Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy.