Download your Twitter search results. Export Twitter Search Results into a file with user and tweets details. Save Twitter search results. Export Tweets from Twitter to Excel.

This application allows downloading Twitter search results as a file in CSV format. We extracting data from Twitter search as per your search phrase.
Our search extract contains following details: Twitter user screen name , Twitter user name , number of followers and friends , user language and location , user creation date , user description and Tweet itself from the search.

You can choose one of 3 search modes for download:
Mixed - include both popular and real time results in the response
Recent - return only the most recent results in the response
Popular - return only the most popular results in the response

Our regular users will be able to download up to 50 search results from Twiter search. Our premium users (subscribed to Twitter AutoResponder service) will be able to download up to 1000 Twitter search results.

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