Ways to Increase The Click Through Rate On Your Tweets

1) Learn to write persuasive tweets
2) Focus on using the right keywords
3) Use hashtags
4) Post at the right time, when most of your followers are online (scheduled future tweets)
5) Don't tweet too much. Leave some time without tweets before and after your tweet
6) Getting more followers
7) Write tweets between 120 and 130 characters
8) Use words that encourage clicks (via , @ , RT , Please and Check)
9) Tag others in your Tweets as "cc @username"
10) Place the links earlier on in your Tweets
11) Tweet your links at a slower pace
12) Use action words: more verbs, less nouns
13) Tweet more on weekends
14) Tweet later in the day
twiter click through rate - CTR

Tweets with 120-130 characters receive 6% higher CTR.
Place links about 25% of the way thought.
As spped of link tweeting increases, Twitter CTR decreases.
By choosing right words you can increase CTR by 5%.
Adverbs and verbs receive upto 5% more clicks on Twitter vs nouns and adjectives.
Tweets on weekends receive upto 1% higher CTR.
Tweets between 8am-9am and 3pm to 10pm receive upto 1% higher CTR.

Twitter is a river of content madness. Contrary to Facebook, if you want to get traction from this platform it?s advised that you promote your content multiple times. Twitter is ephemeral ? not all of your followers are going to see your tweets each time you post. Thus, it?s useful to tweet out your link more than once, spaced out over time. Plus, it?s important to change the messaging of each tweet, and not just re-use the original tweet. You can be clever in how you change the text in 2nd and 3rd tweets. For example, ?For our friends in Europe who may have missed this?? or ?We?ve had great response to this post ??. Would love to hear your thoughts as well.? The more conversational you can be, the better results you will generate.

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