Get the Best Twitter Marketing Software and more Twitter Followers.

There are many twitter marketing tools available on the market, but it is very important to find right one to use, not best twitter marketing software, but right one!

What I mean when I say right one? I mean tool that meets your expectations and also meet Twitter terms and conditions.
Prior to July 2nd, 2013 Twitter allowed automatic following. Many marketers used such tools to automatically follow, or copy followers from other Twitter accounts. It was mainly used to boost number of followers. To keep right ratio, marketers also used automatic unfollow tools, which were unfollowinng people who not following back. Automatic unfollow also prohibited by Twitter. So, back to the question of selecting best Twitter marketing software, now you should keep in mind not use such features that offer automatic follow and unfollow.
Increasing Twitter followers is very important step in Twittter marketing, as you want your tweets will reach as many people as possible. But it turns that this part today should be managed manually.

Wonder how to increase Twitter followers? How to get more Twitter followers fast? Where can you find free Twitter followers or buy Twitter followers?
For all these question the only answer is do it right way. Buying Twitter followers is against Twitter terms and conditions. If you buy Twitter followers, you put your user at risk of being suspended. The software or service that sells Twitter followers also one day will be suspended with no access to Twitter APIs. Getting free Followers is also not straightforward. If they will follow you manually , that is allowed, but why they will do that? Getting free and fast Twitter followers means you get not real ones and they will follow you automatically. That once again puts your Twitter user at risk of being banned.

So, what are the ways of increasing Twitter followers? Here is what I know works, not fast, but works:
1) Tweet interesting things
2) Tweet constantly, but not too much. You can use auto Twitter tools to post tweets. You can schedule tweets to be posted on particular date or buffer Tweets so that they will be posted one by one.
3) Retweet others. Don't use automatic retweeting tools, do it manually
4) @reply to others with similar interests of yours. Don't reply to much, make sure you also tweet, not just mentioning or replying. To many mentions or replies ? account suspension
5) Follow other Twitter users with same interest as yours. Some will follow back. Also follow their followers, and some might follow you back
6) When you reach Twitter follow cap of 2000, use tools to identify who not following you back, and unfollow them. That will bring your following numbers below 2000, and you can follow new people
7) Don't follow and unfollow too many people every day. Do it in a small portions. As your user grow, you can follow and unfollow more
8) Reply with direct messages to your new followers. You can user AutoResponders that save time. Make sure your DM not looks like a spam, and not looks like automatic. Don't use tools that respond right-a-way, use tools that auto reply every hour or so. That looks natural.

Twitter management and automation tools are important and save a lot of time. But it is your responsibility to make sure you use the right one, that not violates Twitter rules.

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