How to Create an Automated DM. False myth about how it is annoying, increases unfollow rate and other nonsenses.

As the official Twitter Help Center itself notes, someone who’s just chosen to follow you may well be more annoyed than anything else to immediately receive a “Thank you for following me!” or “Sign up for my newsletter!” message.

Twitter help center removed their statement that this is bad ethnics, and placed instead: With express user consent, automation of Direct Messaging is permitted.

It’s an ironic truth that automated direct messages on Twitter are usually supposed to seem unique and individualized for the recipient. Yet, more often than not, they achieve the exact opposite. Many people regard automated communication as impersonal, even “spammy.”

Personolized Automated DMs from vicconsult allow user to mention recipients user name and full name as part of the message. That makes our auto DM personal and unique. Weather DM looks spammy or not, it all depends what you write and not how it sent! If I copy DM and send it manualy over and over to my followers, how that will be different from sending them automatically. 

We are using auto DM, not just because we offer it as a service, but because we trully belive it is good marketing, it is working strategy and it is not a spam.

We just added here screenshot of DM conversation. First DM was actualy sent automaticaly by our autoresponder service. The other two replies are from the recipient. Why we choose this particular example, for one main reaons of what was actualy written here:

I just appreciate you being a real person handling your account manualy with no bots!

Twitter auto DM sent to a new follower, user treated it as manual

And it was second reply mentioning that he actualy visited our website and asked to like his Facebook page, so I did.

What we are learning here: all nonsenses about how bad auto DMs are are totaly wrong. It is not about how these direct messages were sent to your new followers, but what was sent. Smap is not way it sent, but content that was sent! Don't be confused.

Whoever says auto DM means unfollow, is wrong. There is no way to identify the mesage was sent automaticaly. Our Twitter Auto DMs are being sent within one hour, not right-a-way, they can include the names DM is sent to, once to a new followers only, noway to know it was automated, noway! Our service also allows to define 3 different messages, depending on how big Twitter follower is. So you can start conversaion differently.

Auto DMs save your time, your efforts, helps you to introduce yourself, to engage with your new followers, drive traffic to your website or Facebook page or YouTube video.


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