Gain real targeted followers on Twitter with Follow-for-Follow technique

Please follow these steps and I guarantee you will get more real targeted followers:

  1. Search on Twitter with keywords or hashtags relevant to your interests
  2. Start following these users from the search result. Make sure to select "All" instead of "Popular" on the Twitter search
  3. Follow a few hundreds only
  4. Wait for a few weeks, don't unfollow these not following back
  5. Make sure you are tweeting constantly with the topics of your interest
  6. You will witness some people will follow back, and some will just follow you - make sure to follow them back
  7. After several weeks, start unfollowing those who not followed you back
  8. And again search and follow another few hundreds

Using such strategy just in a 4 weeks we gained almost 500 real Twitter followers from 0 on a brand new account. All these followers are from the niche we were interested in and they all are active. Each of our tweet gets views, favorites and retweets, which is what we just need.


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