Automatically favorite tweets relevant to your niche

What is twitter automated tweet favoriting? This is actualy working technique to gain real followers from your niche. You provide keywords or phrases, the tool will search periodically tweets containing any of the inputs you have provided and will favorite the tweets answering your search criteria. The twitter user who posted the tweets will receive notification that you favorited his tweet and he might follow you in return.

I will admit it works. We tested this approach on Twitter Directory and found this auto favorite thing in fact is working. As you can see in the picture below our test users started gaining followers rapidly.

twitter auto favorite tweets

But there is always - BUT! According to Twitter terms and conditions automated favoriting is not allowed:

Automated favoriting: You may not develop any application that allows for favoriting of Tweets in a bulk or automated manner. Aggressive favoriting is a violation of the Twitter Rules.

And in facts we learned this by hard way, our test user got suspened for aggressive favoriting even thought we favorited no more than a 100 tweets a day.

Not to risk our customers we discontinued this service.

I know you may find other tools still offering such automation, but we strongly recommend to avoid them.

One of the tools we found is powered by "twitfox". Looks like they lost their API key already due to violation of Twitter TOC, but they now created workaround which only risks your twitter user, while they just cashing out. This is what they say now:

Twitfox is now a private service. This means you need to be responsible for your own Twitter API keys - the two special passwords that allow Twitfox to communicate with Twitter.

If you need help obtaining your keys please click here and follow the instructions from the new tab. Don't worry - it's very straightforward and only takes a couple of minutes. Once you have the Consumer Key and the Consumer Secret please enter them below.

Even though they say don't worry, you better will be.

Others like twitterfav adjusted their service to a new reality, and instead of favoriting automatically they show tweets which you can favorite manually. In fact you can do the same on by searching tweets with your keywords and favorite them manually there.


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