Craigslist App cPro Disappear from Google Play

Many of you have beeen wondering lately: "Why has the cPro Craigslist app been removed from Google Play and iTunes."

This created alot of confusion and other unrelated craigslist apps received a lot of complaints about the missing cPro app. 

Is cPro Marketplace affiliated with Craigslist?
No. cPro Marketplace is not affiliated with Craigslist. After Craigslist refused to renew license for the cPro Craigslist client app, a new marketplace--cPro Marketplace--had been formed. cPro Marketplace is located at and doesn't use any Craigslist data. All cPro Marketplace postings are unique and can only be found at cPro Marketplace. If you have any questions why Craigslist is not allowing you to access their site using cPro please contact Craigslist, as we don't know the reasons, unfortunately.

Android users can still download the cPro apk from other sources and install it on their devices.

To do so, you must first enable "Install from unknown sources":
Settings > Security > check the box beside Unknown Sources.

 Settings > Security > scroll down and check 'Unknown sources'

Now you can go and download the apk and install it on your andorid device.

Click here to download cPro apk. 


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