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TwitterDMer is asking for my username and password, should I provide?


A few days ago one of our customers sent request to cancel subscription for Twitter Auto DM because he found another service doing the same and for free. We sent the instructions how to unsubscribe and at the same time asked what this free service is.


Thanks for understanding. Here is the link to the free service: I'll try to cancel the payment myself.

I went to check this "free" service.

TwitterDMer not working. DS not sent. Asking for twitter password. Phishing.

After searching on the web it was pretty easy to find out following:

Update: Seems like this app is not functional anymore. The login page asks for twitter username and password. Please don’t use the app.

You can put any username and any password, it lets you in. So I used some random non-existing fake user: twitterdmer_scam_or_not and password: holloworld

Guess what? I'm in. You can put your DM and enable it, will it work? I lieve it for you.

twitterdmer scam user

The problem is people will use their real Twitter users and passwords. What happens next, just wait and see. You Twitter user and password being recorded there. Will it later be sold to some spammers or hackers, who knows, but the moment you shared your password your Twitter user is at risk.

Free service is nice, but you take your risk of being scammed. I'm not saying paid services are always legitimate, but if you are not sharing your password, you will be safer.

I personally would pay 9 cents a day for known service since 2009 rather looking for a free unknown service which is asking for your personal information. The Twitter AutoResponder service from VIC Consulting is never asking for your Twitter credentials and payment information. The authorization process performed on and payments done on PayPal.

We don't know what Twitter DMer does with collected twitter users and passwords, but don't take risks, don't share your personal information. Please read here:

Safe tweeting: the basics:

You should be particularly cautious when you're asked to give your username and password to an application or website. When you give your username and password to someone else, they have complete control of your account and can lock you out or take actions that cause your account to be suspended.


You may find many Twitter services that are no longer in the business, but their websites still up.

One example is - Twillow is a Twitter Directory, Automated Twitter Reply Scheduler, Automatic tweet Reply messages, Best twitter web applications.?

The site is still up, but they have removed the way to login, people getting confused looking for a ways to sign-in, but at least they are not subject to phishing.


If you know any other twitter services which are asking for your passwords or out of business, leave a comment.


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