Pay Per Popup Advertising Networks


Currently offers raw pops and active X download prompts.

Net rates for raw pop-ups - $1.25. These pops run multiple times per unique user. Only one pop is shown per load of the code.

Net rates for Active X Pops - $1.50. These are those auto-download ads. They pay top dollar and the counts are great because they cannot be blocked.

Payments are issued on a NET 30 basis. This means that payments are sent 30 days after the end of the month.

There is a minimum of $50 to receive payment by check and paypal has no minimum to be paid.

Burst Media

One of the longest established, high quality advertising network. Payout percentage - 50.

Rates are based on the level of targeting but no less than $2.50 CPM for popups.

They also have combined banner/pop-up campaigns that pay much more.

You have option to send default impressions to another pop-up network.

Burst supports popup and popunder campaigns.

Due to unsold inventory, currently only small number of sites are accepted. Does not accept search engines and directories, and prefers original written content.

Payment is issued every quarter once commissions reach $50.


Pop-unders ad network offering industry's highest payouts - 70% of the gross revenue.

Rates for pop-unders $1.50+ e-CPM. You can specify minimum values.

Full default campaign management.
Pays Net 30. Minimum payment $25.00.

Your site must receive more than 10,000 unique visitors per month.

About $1.50 CPM on spawing pop-ups. Avalaible exit popup option and referral program. Only accepts sites with a majority of North American visitors.


Popunder network with following payment structure: USA traffic - $1.80 effective CPM, Canada - $1.30, UK - $1.80, and traffic from other countries - $0.30 CPM.

Raw impressions are paid. You have ability to set frequency cap and select popunder on enter (when visitor enters your page) or exit (visitor leaves page).

You can redirect PayPopUp ads to another network once their inventory is filled.

Payment is sent once your account exceeds $50. Affiliate will be paid via paypal or check in US dollars ($US) or Canadian Dollars ($CAD), 15 days after the end-of-15-days-period.

Pays always on time. Minimum 200 page views per day. Accept and quality non-English sites.

Pop Up Money

Holland based pay per popup network paying $0.50 CPM. Often multiple popups. Poor affiliate support.

Minimum payout is $50.00. No minimum impressions per month. 5% of referred webmaster earnings. Affiliates from many countries are not allowed.


$3.00 CPM for popup windows, and $2.00 CPM for popunder windows.

Pays for popunders once per 12 hour period but you will have to use your own cookie and javascript to limit delivery of the ads or you will be sending popunders that you will not be paid for.

Traffic from many countries are not counted.

Payments are made NET10 once $25 has been earned.

Standard Internet service (among AllClicks and ClickThruTraffic) so affiliates from many countries are not eligible.


Solid CPM / Pop-Up advertising network representing high quality sites with original content.

They offer the highest rates around for pop-ups / pop-unders, and all the other varied creative sizes and types they offer.

The only problem with them is their extreme selectivity. Rates are based on the level of targeting.

The publisher has an option to set the rate at which he wants site specific advertising to be sold. Tribalfusion takes a 45% commission on ad sales.

Pop-ups are limited to one view per person every 12 hours.

Minimum payment $50.00. Pays Net 45. Minimum 2000 unique users per day.

ValueClick Media

Result of the acquisition of Fastclick by Valueclick.

Top quality network paying 65% of the revenues they receive from their advertisers.

About $2 e-CPM for non-intrusive pop-under ads. One popup per 12 to 720 hours depending on the ad code you use.

You can select advertising campaigns and set up defaults so you can send popunder inventory that they could not sell to other adnetworks.

Payment is issued monthly once commissions reach $50.

Sites must be in English and receive minimum 3000 impressions per month. Network is selective.

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