Automatically send a personalized direct messages (Auto Reply or Auto DM or AutoResponder) to anyone who starts following you on Twitter.

ʘ͜͡ʘ Our Twitter Auto DM now allows you to sent direct messages up to 1000 characters long!

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Registered Twitter Users: 56,734
Sent DMs to a new Followers: 31,699,661

Scheduled Tweets, Tracking number of followers, Empty DM inbox and many more features are available on our classic website version.

Previously, I sent each new follower a message, which took up a lot of my time. I'm now looking forward to loads of extra time, while my new followers still receive a personal message from me. Thanks.

This is the best autoresponder I was able to find so far! I love it Thank you so much Vicconsult

This service is great. It allows me to get back to all those followers who have taken the time to invest their valuable time in me by reading my tweets. Thank you VIC Consulting!

They have a very professional service its very prompt and accurate. I would recommend it to everyone.. Thank you for helping to make sure my followers know i appreciate them.

Opt-Out Of Automated Welcome Messages sent by our application: please send us an email at with your twitter user name to opt-out. We will process this request within max 2 business days

Setting up your Auto DM for Twitter Followers - howto video

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