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Please find below a list of our automation services for your Twitter account and your Twitter followers.

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Twitter Automation by VicConsult

Twitter Auto Reply/AutoResponder/Auto DM/Scheduled Future Tweets

This service provides automatic direct message (DM) sending to your new twitter followers. Our Twitter Auto Reply service is very unique, offers many features and has best market value.
We are providing 2 options: regular and premium.

Premium users will benefit from many additional and exclusive offers and features, like:
» direct messages will be sent every hour
» you will benefit from full message size of 140 characters
» you can write 3 different auto DMs based on the number of followers that your new follower has
» you can auto follow back your new followers - as of July 2nd, 2013 Twitter bans automated and bulk following
» smart follow back - we bring you all details of you new followers, and you choose whom to follow back
» your are not limited to the number of messages each time (compliance with Twitter daily/hourly limits)
» you will be able to schedule future tweets
» bulk direct messages delete from Twitter inbox
» track number of followers, tweets and friends over the time, and Twitter following patterns
» free use of Bulk tweets Scheduling - Buffered tweets
» free use of Twitter Friend Finder while you are premium user
» Extract Twitter Search Results - up to 1000 entries

Premium option costs only $2.95 a month. We also offer 3 months payment plan - $7.95, which allows you to save your money.

Tweet Long Tweets, exceeding 140 characters

This service is 100% free, which allows you to extend your tweets as long as you wish. You can write your tweets on our website (you can use HTML tags) as long as you need. We will post your tweet on your twitter account. The tweet will start with your message and will end with link to our website that will present your complete tweet. That way you can put multiple images, links and other content to your tweets.

Twitter Analytics - know your followers by analysing their profiles

This service allows you to analyse Twitter followers. When you have hundreds, or thousands of followers, it is not realistic to go one by one and see who they are, home many tweets they posted, how many followers they have, how many other users they are following, what their preferred language, timezone and location is. Our Twitter Analytics does all that for you. Our service produces many reports as well as provides raw data.
The service is simple to use: 1) sign in with your twitter user. 2) pay $5. 3) our system will generate reports and will send them by email.
Here is example of Twitter Analytics Report

Twitter User Tracking/Spying/Watching

Be notified each time Twitter users tweet about topics of your interest. Twitter User Tracking tool can track up to 10 different Twitter users and watch for tweets containing up to 10 different keywords.

Un-Follow people on Twitter who do not follow you.

Find and unfollow Twitter users who unfollowed you or who do not follow you. Just unfollow with single button click!

Export the data contained in Twitter search results into an Excel spreadsheet.

Download tweet's and user's details from Twitter search results. 100% free extract tool. You can save instantly up to 1000 search results from Twitter search.

Bulk Tweets Scheduling - Buffered Tweets

Now you can upload your tweets in a bulk mode. Our system will post buffered tweets one by one every hour. You can schedule tweets for a full month ahead. Make your Twitter active while you offline or on vacation.

Twitter's shortened links a little longer now. You can still use all 140 if you're just writing text, but if you like to add links to your tweets, that'll cost you two extra characters. Twitter's built-in link-shortener,, used 20 characters per link, or 21 with https:// links. But they're lengthened it to a maximum of 22 or 23 characters, meaning if you're pasting a link in your tweet, you'll have just 117 left to work with.

What Are Hashtags (#): The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.