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Complete details about Zimbabwe in Africa with capital city Harare

Country NameZimbabwe (Zimbabwe)
Country CodeZWE
Capital CityHarare
RegionEastern Africa
Independence Year1980
Surface Area390757.0
Life Expectancy37.8 years
GNP5951.0 (old 8670.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

English [official]     (2.2%)
Ndebele     (16.2%)
Nyanja     (2.2%)
Shona     (72.1%)

Major Cities

Harare, Harare     (population 1410000)
Bulawayo, Bulawayo     (population 621742)
Chitungwiza, Harare     (population 274912)
Mount Darwin, Harare     (population 164362)
Mutare, Manicaland     (population 131367)
Gweru, Midlands     (population 128037)

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