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Complete details about Yemen in Asia with capital city Sanaa

Country NameYemen (Al-Yaman)
Country CodeYEM
Capital CitySanaa
RegionMiddle East
Independence Year1918
Surface Area527968.0
Life Expectancy59.8 years
GNP6041.0 (old 5729.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Arabic [official]     (99.6%)
Soqutri     (0.0%)

Major Cities

Sanaa, Sanaa     (population 503600)
Aden, Aden     (population 398300)
Taizz, Taizz     (population 317600)
Hodeida, Hodeida     (population 298500)
al-Mukalla, Hadramawt     (population 122400)
Ibb, Ibb     (population 103300)

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