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Complete details about United States in North America with capital city Washington

Country NameUnited States (United States)
Country CodeUSA
Capital CityWashington
ContinentNorth America
RegionNorth America
Independence Year1776
Surface Area9363520.0
Life Expectancy77.1 years
GNP8510700.0 (old 8110900.0)
Government FormFederal Republic

Spoken Languages

Chinese     (0.6%)
English [official]     (86.2%)
French     (0.7%)
German     (0.7%)
Italian     (0.6%)
Japanese     (0.2%)
Korean     (0.3%)
Polish     (0.3%)
Portuguese     (0.2%)
Spanish     (7.5%)
Tagalog     (0.4%)
Vietnamese     (0.2%)

Major Cities

New York, New York     (population 8008278)
Los Angeles, California     (population 3694820)
Chicago, Illinois     (population 2896016)
Houston, Texas     (population 1953631)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania     (population 1517550)
Phoenix, Arizona     (population 1321045)
San Diego, California     (population 1223400)
Dallas, Texas     (population 1188580)
San Antonio, Texas     (population 1144646)
Detroit, Michigan     (population 951270)
San Jose, California     (population 894943)
Indianapolis, Indiana     (population 791926)
San Francisco, California     (population 776733)
Jacksonville, Florida     (population 735167)
Columbus, Ohio     (population 711470)
Austin, Texas     (population 656562)
Baltimore, Maryland     (population 651154)
Memphis, Tennessee     (population 650100)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin     (population 596974)
Boston, Massachusetts     (population 589141)
Washington, District of Columbia     (population 572059)
Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee     (population 569891)
El Paso, Texas     (population 563662)
Seattle, Washington     (population 563374)
Denver, Colorado     (population 554636)
Charlotte, North Carolina     (population 540828)
Fort Worth, Texas     (population 534694)
Portland, Oregon     (population 529121)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma     (population 506132)
Tucson, Arizona     (population 486699)
New Orleans, Louisiana     (population 484674)
Las Vegas, Nevada     (population 478434)
Cleveland, Ohio     (population 478403)
Long Beach, California     (population 461522)
Albuquerque, New Mexico     (population 448607)
Kansas City, Missouri     (population 441545)
Fresno, California     (population 427652)
Virginia Beach, Virginia     (population 425257)
Atlanta, Georgia     (population 416474)
Sacramento, California     (population 407018)
Oakland, California     (population 399484)
Mesa, Arizona     (population 396375)
Tulsa, Oklahoma     (population 393049)
Omaha, Nebraska     (population 390007)
Minneapolis, Minnesota     (population 382618)
Honolulu, Hawaii     (population 371657)
Miami, Florida     (population 362470)
Colorado Springs, Colorado     (population 360890)
Saint Louis, Missouri     (population 348189)
Wichita, Kansas     (population 344284)
Santa Ana, California     (population 337977)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania     (population 334563)
Arlington, Texas     (population 332969)
Cincinnati, Ohio     (population 331285)
Anaheim, California     (population 328014)
Toledo, Ohio     (population 313619)
Tampa, Florida     (population 303447)
Buffalo, New York     (population 292648)
Saint Paul, Minnesota     (population 287151)
Corpus Christi, Texas     (population 277454)
Aurora, Colorado     (population 276393)
Raleigh, North Carolina     (population 276093)
Newark, New Jersey     (population 273546)
Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky     (population 260512)
Anchorage, Alaska     (population 260283)
Louisville, Kentucky     (population 256231)
Riverside, California     (population 255166)
Saint Petersburg, Florida     (population 248232)
Bakersfield, California     (population 247057)
Stockton, California     (population 243771)
Birmingham, Alabama     (population 242820)
Jersey City, New Jersey     (population 240055)
Norfolk, Virginia     (population 234403)
Baton Rouge, Louisiana     (population 227818)
Hialeah, Florida     (population 226419)
Lincoln, Nebraska     (population 225581)
Greensboro, North Carolina     (population 223891)
Plano, Texas     (population 222030)
Rochester, New York     (population 219773)
Glendale, Arizona     (population 218812)
Akron, Ohio     (population 217074)
Garland, Texas     (population 215768)
Madison, Wisconsin     (population 208054)
Fort Wayne, Indiana     (population 205727)
Fremont, California     (population 203413)
Scottsdale, Arizona     (population 202705)
Montgomery, Alabama     (population 201568)
Shreveport, Louisiana     (population 200145)
Augusta-Richmond County, Georgia     (population 199775)
Lubbock, Texas     (population 199564)
Chesapeake, Virginia     (population 199184)
Mobile, Alabama     (population 198915)
Des Moines, Iowa     (population 198682)
Grand Rapids, Michigan     (population 197800)
Richmond, Virginia     (population 197790)
Yonkers, New York     (population 196086)
Spokane, Washington     (population 195629)
Glendale, California     (population 194973)
Tacoma, Washington     (population 193556)
Irving, Texas     (population 191615)
Huntington Beach, California     (population 189594)
Modesto, California     (population 188856)
Durham, North Carolina     (population 187035)
Columbus, Georgia     (population 186291)
Orlando, Florida     (population 185951)
Boise City, Idaho     (population 185787)
Winston-Salem, North Carolina     (population 185776)
San Bernardino, California     (population 185401)
Jackson, Mississippi     (population 184256)
Little Rock, Arkansas     (population 183133)
Salt Lake City, Utah     (population 181743)
Reno, Nevada     (population 180480)
Newport News, Virginia     (population 180150)
Chandler, Arizona     (population 176581)
Laredo, Texas     (population 176576)
Henderson, Nevada     (population 175381)
Arlington, Virginia     (population 174838)
Knoxville, Tennessee     (population 173890)
Amarillo, Texas     (population 173627)
Providence, Rhode Island     (population 173618)
Chula Vista, California     (population 173556)
Worcester, Massachusetts     (population 172648)
Oxnard, California     (population 170358)
Dayton, Ohio     (population 166179)
Garden Grove, California     (population 165196)
Oceanside, California     (population 161029)
Tempe, Arizona     (population 158625)
Huntsville, Alabama     (population 158216)
Ontario, California     (population 158007)
Chattanooga, Tennessee     (population 155554)
Fort Lauderdale, Florida     (population 152397)
Springfield, Massachusetts     (population 152082)
Springfield, Missouri     (population 151580)
Santa Clarita, California     (population 151088)
Salinas, California     (population 151060)
Tallahassee, Florida     (population 150624)
Rockford, Illinois     (population 150115)
Pomona, California     (population 149473)
Metairie, Louisiana     (population 149428)
Paterson, New Jersey     (population 149222)
Overland Park, Kansas     (population 149080)
Santa Rosa, California     (population 147595)
Syracuse, New York     (population 147306)
Kansas City, Kansas     (population 146866)
Hampton, Virginia     (population 146437)
Lakewood, Colorado     (population 144126)
Vancouver, Washington     (population 143560)
Irvine, California     (population 143072)
Aurora, Illinois     (population 142990)
Moreno Valley, California     (population 142381)
Pasadena, California     (population 141674)
Hayward, California     (population 140030)
Brownsville, Texas     (population 139722)
Bridgeport, Connecticut     (population 139529)
Hollywood, Florida     (population 139357)
Warren, Michigan     (population 138247)
Torrance, California     (population 137946)
Eugene, Oregon     (population 137893)
Pembroke Pines, Florida     (population 137427)
Salem, Oregon     (population 136924)
Pasadena, Texas     (population 133936)
Escondido, California     (population 133559)
Sunnyvale, California     (population 131760)
Savannah, Georgia     (population 131510)
Fontana, California     (population 128929)
Orange, California     (population 128821)
Naperville, Illinois     (population 128358)
Alexandria, Virginia     (population 128283)
Rancho Cucamonga, California     (population 127743)
Grand Prairie, Texas     (population 127427)
East Los Angeles, California     (population 126379)
Fullerton, California     (population 126003)
Corona, California     (population 124966)
Flint, Michigan     (population 124943)
Paradise, Nevada     (population 124682)
Mesquite, Texas     (population 124523)
Sterling Heights, Michigan     (population 124471)
Sioux Falls, South Dakota     (population 123975)
New Haven, Connecticut     (population 123626)
Topeka, Kansas     (population 122377)
Concord, California     (population 121780)
Evansville, Indiana     (population 121582)
Hartford, Connecticut     (population 121578)
Fayetteville, North Carolina     (population 121015)
Cedar Rapids, Iowa     (population 120758)
Elizabeth, New Jersey     (population 120568)
Lansing, Michigan     (population 119128)
Lancaster, California     (population 118718)
Fort Collins, Colorado     (population 118652)
Coral Springs, Florida     (population 117549)
Stamford, Connecticut     (population 117083)
Thousand Oaks, California     (population 117005)
Vallejo, California     (population 116760)
Palmdale, California     (population 116670)
Columbia, South Carolina     (population 116278)
El Monte, California     (population 115965)
Abilene, Texas     (population 115930)
North Las Vegas, Nevada     (population 115488)
Ann Arbor, Michigan     (population 114024)
Beaumont, Texas     (population 113866)
Waco, Texas     (population 113726)
Macon, Georgia     (population 113336)
Independence, Missouri     (population 113288)
Peoria, Illinois     (population 112936)
Inglewood, California     (population 112580)
Springfield, Illinois     (population 111454)
Simi Valley, California     (population 111351)
Lafayette, Louisiana     (population 110257)
Gilbert, Arizona     (population 109697)
Carrollton, Texas     (population 109576)
Bellevue, Washington     (population 109569)
West Valley City, Utah     (population 108896)
Clarksville, Tennessee     (population 108787)
Costa Mesa, California     (population 108724)
Peoria, Arizona     (population 108364)
South Bend, Indiana     (population 107789)
Downey, California     (population 107323)
Waterbury, Connecticut     (population 107271)
Manchester, New Hampshire     (population 107006)
Allentown, Pennsylvania     (population 106632)
McAllen, Texas     (population 106414)
Joliet, Illinois     (population 106221)
Lowell, Massachusetts     (population 105167)
Provo, Utah     (population 105166)
West Covina, California     (population 105080)
Wichita Falls, Texas     (population 104197)
Erie, Pennsylvania     (population 103717)
Daly City, California     (population 103621)
Citrus Heights, California     (population 103455)
Norwalk, California     (population 103298)
Gary, Indiana     (population 102746)
Berkeley, California     (population 102743)
Santa Clara, California     (population 102361)
Green Bay, Wisconsin     (population 102313)
Cape Coral, Florida     (population 102286)
Arvada, Colorado     (population 102153)
Pueblo, Colorado     (population 102121)
Sandy, Utah     (population 101853)
Athens-Clarke County, Georgia     (population 101489)
Cambridge, Massachusetts     (population 101355)
Westminster, Colorado     (population 100940)
San Buenaventura, California     (population 100916)
Portsmouth, Virginia     (population 100565)
Livonia, Michigan     (population 100545)
Burbank, California     (population 100316)
Clearwater, Florida     (population 99936)
Midland, Texas     (population 98293)
Davenport, Iowa     (population 98256)
Mission Viejo, California     (population 98049)
Miami Beach, Florida     (population 97855)
Sunrise Manor, Nevada     (population 95362)
New Bedford, Massachusetts     (population 94780)
El Cajon, California     (population 94578)
Norman, Oklahoma     (population 94193)
Richmond, California     (population 94100)
Albany, New York     (population 93994)
Brockton, Massachusetts     (population 93653)
Roanoke, Virginia     (population 93357)
Billings, Montana     (population 92988)
Compton, California     (population 92864)
Gainesville, Florida     (population 92291)
Fairfield, California     (population 92256)
Arden-Arcade, California     (population 92040)
San Mateo, California     (population 91799)
Visalia, California     (population 91762)
Boulder, Colorado     (population 91238)
Cary, North Carolina     (population 91213)
Santa Monica, California     (population 91084)
Fall River, Massachusetts     (population 90555)
Kenosha, Wisconsin     (population 89447)
Elgin, Illinois     (population 89408)
Odessa, Texas     (population 89293)
Carson, California     (population 89089)
Charleston, South Carolina     (population 89063)

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