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Complete details about Ukraine in Europe with capital city Kyiv

Country NameUkraine (Ukrajina)
Country CodeUKR
Capital CityKyiv
RegionEastern Europe
Independence Year1991
Surface Area603700.0
Life Expectancy66.0 years
GNP42168.0 (old 49677.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Belorussian     (0.3%)
Bulgariana     (0.3%)
Hungarian     (0.3%)
Polish     (0.1%)
Romanian     (0.7%)
Russian     (32.9%)
Ukrainian [official]     (64.7%)

Major Cities

Kyiv, Kiova     (population 2624000)
Harkova [Harkiv], Harkova     (population 1500000)
Dnipropetrovsk, Dnipropetrovsk     (population 1103000)
Donetsk, Donetsk     (population 1050000)
Odesa, Odesa     (population 1011000)
Zaporizzja, Zaporizzja     (population 848000)
Lviv, Lviv     (population 788000)
Kryvyi Rig, Dnipropetrovsk     (population 703000)
Mykolajiv, Mykolajiv     (population 508000)
Mariupol, Donetsk     (population 490000)
Lugansk, Lugansk     (population 469000)
Vinnytsja, Vinnytsja     (population 391000)
Makijivka, Donetsk     (population 384000)
Herson, Herson     (population 353000)
Sevastopol, Krim     (population 348000)
Simferopol, Krim     (population 339000)
Pultava [Poltava], Pultava     (population 313000)
T?ernigiv, T?ernigiv     (population 313000)
T?erkasy, T?erkasy     (population 309000)
Gorlivka, Donetsk     (population 299000)
Zytomyr, Zytomyr     (population 297000)
Sumy, Sumy     (population 294000)
Dniprodzerzynsk, Dnipropetrovsk     (population 270000)
Kirovograd, Kirovograd     (population 265000)
Hmelnytskyi, Hmelnytskyi     (population 262000)
T?ernivtsi, T?ernivtsi     (population 259000)
Rivne, Rivne     (population 245000)
Krement?uk, Pultava     (population 239000)
Ivano-Frankivsk, Ivano-Frankivsk     (population 237000)
Ternopil, Ternopil     (population 236000)
Lutsk, Volynia     (population 217000)
Bila Tserkva, Kiova     (population 215000)
Kramatorsk, Donetsk     (population 186000)
Melitopol, Zaporizzja     (population 169000)
Kert?, Krim     (population 162000)
Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk     (population 149000)
Berdjansk, Zaporizzja     (population 130000)
Pavlograd, Dnipropetrovsk     (population 127000)
Sjeverodonetsk, Lugansk     (population 127000)
Slovjansk, Donetsk     (population 127000)
Uzgorod, Taka-Karpatia     (population 127000)
Alt?evsk, Lugansk     (population 119000)
Lysyt?ansk, Lugansk     (population 116000)
Jevpatorija, Krim     (population 112000)
Kamjanets-Podilskyi, Hmelnytskyi     (population 109000)
Jenakijeve, Donetsk     (population 105000)
Krasnyi Lut?, Lugansk     (population 101000)
Stahanov, Lugansk     (population 101000)
Oleksandrija, Kirovograd     (population 99000)
Konotop, Sumy     (population 96000)
Kostjantynivka, Donetsk     (population 95000)
Berdyt?iv, Zytomyr     (population 90000)
Izmajil, Odesa     (population 90000)
?ostka, Sumy     (population 90000)
Uman, T?erkasy     (population 90000)
Brovary, Kiova     (population 89000)
Mukat?eve, Taka-Karpatia     (population 89000)

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