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Complete details about Uganda in Africa with capital city Kampala

Country NameUganda (Uganda)
Country CodeUGA
Capital CityKampala
RegionEastern Africa
Independence Year1962
Surface Area241038.0
Life Expectancy42.9 years
GNP6313.0 (old 6887.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Acholi     (4.4%)
Ganda     (18.1%)
Gisu     (4.5%)
Kiga     (8.3%)
Lango     (5.9%)
Lugbara     (4.7%)
Nkole     (10.7%)
Rwanda     (3.2%)
Soga     (8.2%)
Teso     (6.0%)

Major Cities

Kampala, Central     (population 890800)

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