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Complete details about Turkmenistan in Asia with capital city Ashgabat

Country NameTurkmenistan (Türkmenostan)
Country CodeTKM
Capital CityAshgabat
RegionSouthern and Central Asia
Independence Year1991
Surface Area488100.0
Life Expectancy60.9 years
GNP4397.0 (old 2000.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Kazakh     (2.0%)
Russian     (6.7%)
Turkmenian [official]     (76.7%)
Uzbek     (9.2%)

Major Cities

Ashgabat, Ahal     (population 540600)
Chärjew, Lebap     (population 189200)
Dashhowuz, Dashhowuz     (population 141800)
Mary, Mary     (population 101000)

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