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Complete details about Turkey in Asia with capital city Ankara

Country NameTurkey (Türkiye)
Country CodeTUR
Capital CityAnkara
RegionMiddle East
Independence Year1923
Surface Area774815.0
Life Expectancy71.0 years
GNP210721.0 (old 189122.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Arabic     (1.4%)
Kurdish     (10.6%)
Turkish [official]     (87.6%)

Major Cities

Istanbul, Istanbul     (population 8787958)
Ankara, Ankara     (population 3038159)
Izmir, Izmir     (population 2130359)
Adana, Adana     (population 1131198)
Bursa, Bursa     (population 1095842)
Gaziantep, Gaziantep     (population 789056)
Konya, Konya     (population 628364)
Mersin (Içel), Içel     (population 587212)
Antalya, Antalya     (population 564914)
Diyarbakir, Diyarbakir     (population 479884)
Kayseri, Kayseri     (population 475657)
Eskisehir, Eskisehir     (population 470781)
Sanliurfa, Sanliurfa     (population 405905)
Samsun, Samsun     (population 339871)
Malatya, Malatya     (population 330312)
Gebze, Kocaeli     (population 264170)
Denizli, Denizli     (population 253848)
Sivas, Sivas     (population 246642)
Erzurum, Erzurum     (population 246535)
Tarsus, Adana     (population 246206)
Kahramanmaras, Kahramanmaras     (population 245772)
Elâzig, Elâzig     (population 228815)
Van, Van     (population 219319)
Sultanbeyli, Istanbul     (population 211068)
Izmit (Kocaeli), Kocaeli     (population 210068)
Manisa, Manisa     (population 207148)
Batman, Batman     (population 203793)
Balikesir, Balikesir     (population 196382)
Sakarya (Adapazari), Sakarya     (population 190641)
Iskenderun, Hatay     (population 153022)
Osmaniye, Osmaniye     (population 146003)
Çorum, Çorum     (population 145495)
Kütahya, Kütahya     (population 144761)
Hatay (Antakya), Hatay     (population 143982)
Kirikkale, Kirikkale     (population 142044)
Adiyaman, Adiyaman     (population 141529)
Trabzon, Trabzon     (population 138234)
Ordu, Ordu     (population 133642)
Aydin, Aydin     (population 128651)
Usak, Usak     (population 128162)
Edirne, Edirne     (population 123383)
Çorlu, Tekirdag     (population 123300)
Isparta, Isparta     (population 121911)
Karabük, Karabük     (population 118285)
Kilis, Kilis     (population 118245)
Alanya, Antalya     (population 117300)
Kiziltepe, Mardin     (population 112000)
Zonguldak, Zonguldak     (population 111542)
Siirt, Siirt     (population 107100)
Viransehir, Sanliurfa     (population 106400)
Tekirdag, Tekirdag     (population 106077)
Karaman, Karaman     (population 104200)
Afyon, Afyon     (population 103984)
Aksaray, Aksaray     (population 102681)
Ceyhan, Adana     (population 102412)
Erzincan, Erzincan     (population 102304)
Bismil, Diyarbakir     (population 101400)
Nazilli, Aydin     (population 99900)
Tokat, Tokat     (population 99500)
Kars, Kars     (population 93000)
Inegöl, Bursa     (population 90500)
Bandirma, Balikesir     (population 90200)

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