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Complete details about Tunisia in Africa with capital city Tunis

Country NameTunisia (Tunis/Tunisie)
Country CodeTUN
Capital CityTunis
RegionNorthern Africa
Independence Year1956
Surface Area163610.0
Life Expectancy73.7 years
GNP20026.0 (old 18898.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Arabic [official]     (69.9%)
Arabic-French     (26.3%)
Arabic-French-English     (3.2%)

Major Cities

Tunis, Tunis     (population 690600)
Sfax, Sfax     (population 257800)
Ariana, Ariana     (population 197000)
Ettadhamen, Ariana     (population 178600)
Sousse, Sousse     (population 145900)
Kairouan, Kairouan     (population 113100)
Biserta, Biserta     (population 108900)
Gabčs, Gabčs     (population 106600)

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