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Complete details about South Korea in Asia with capital city Seoul

Country NameSouth Korea (Taehan Min?guk (Namhan))
Country CodeKOR
Capital CitySeoul
RegionEastern Asia
Independence Year1948
Surface Area99434.0
Life Expectancy74.4 years
GNP320749.0 (old 442544.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Chinese     (0.1%)
Korean [official]     (99.9%)

Major Cities

Seoul, Seoul     (population 9981619)
Pusan, Pusan     (population 3804522)
Inchon, Inchon     (population 2559424)
Taegu, Taegu     (population 2548568)
Taejon, Taejon     (population 1425835)
Kwangju, Kwangju     (population 1368341)
Ulsan, Kyongsangnam     (population 1084891)
Songnam, Kyonggi     (population 869094)
Puchon, Kyonggi     (population 779412)
Suwon, Kyonggi     (population 755550)
Anyang, Kyonggi     (population 591106)
Chonju, Chollabuk     (population 563153)
Chongju, Chungchongbuk     (population 531376)
Koyang, Kyonggi     (population 518282)
Ansan, Kyonggi     (population 510314)
Pohang, Kyongsangbuk     (population 508899)
Chang-won, Kyongsangnam     (population 481694)
Masan, Kyongsangnam     (population 441242)
Kwangmyong, Kyonggi     (population 350914)
Chonan, Chungchongnam     (population 330259)
Chinju, Kyongsangnam     (population 329886)
Iksan, Chollabuk     (population 322685)
Pyongtaek, Kyonggi     (population 312927)
Kumi, Kyongsangbuk     (population 311431)
Uijongbu, Kyonggi     (population 276111)
Kyongju, Kyongsangbuk     (population 272968)
Kunsan, Chollabuk     (population 266569)
Cheju, Cheju     (population 258511)
Kimhae, Kyongsangnam     (population 256370)
Sunchon, Chollanam     (population 249263)
Mokpo, Chollanam     (population 247452)
Yong-in, Kyonggi     (population 242643)
Wonju, Kang-won     (population 237460)
Kunpo, Kyonggi     (population 235233)
Chunchon, Kang-won     (population 234528)
Namyangju, Kyonggi     (population 229060)
Kangnung, Kang-won     (population 220403)
Chungju, Chungchongbuk     (population 205206)
Andong, Kyongsangbuk     (population 188443)
Yosu, Chollanam     (population 183596)
Kyongsan, Kyongsangbuk     (population 173746)
Paju, Kyonggi     (population 163379)
Yangsan, Kyongsangnam     (population 163351)
Ichon, Kyonggi     (population 155332)
Asan, Chungchongnam     (population 154663)
Koje, Kyongsangnam     (population 147562)
Kimchon, Kyongsangbuk     (population 147027)
Nonsan, Chungchongnam     (population 146619)
Kuri, Kyonggi     (population 142173)
Chong-up, Chollabuk     (population 139111)
Chechon, Chungchongbuk     (population 137070)
Sosan, Chungchongnam     (population 134746)
Shihung, Kyonggi     (population 133443)
Tong-yong, Kyongsangnam     (population 131717)
Kongju, Chungchongnam     (population 131229)
Yongju, Kyongsangbuk     (population 131097)
Chinhae, Kyongsangnam     (population 125997)
Sangju, Kyongsangbuk     (population 124116)
Poryong, Chungchongnam     (population 122604)
Kwang-yang, Chollanam     (population 122052)
Miryang, Kyongsangnam     (population 121501)
Hanam, Kyonggi     (population 115812)
Kimje, Chollabuk     (population 115427)
Yongchon, Kyongsangbuk     (population 113511)
Sachon, Kyongsangnam     (population 113494)
Uiwang, Kyonggi     (population 108788)
Naju, Chollanam     (population 107831)
Namwon, Chollabuk     (population 103544)
Tonghae, Kang-won     (population 95472)
Mun-gyong, Kyongsangbuk     (population 92239)

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