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Complete details about Pitcairn in Oceania with capital city Adamstown

Country NamePitcairn (Pitcairn)
Country CodePCN
Capital CityAdamstown
Independence Year0
Surface Area49.0
Life Expectancy0.0 years
GNP0.0 (old 0.0)
Government FormDependent Territory of the UK

Spoken Languages

Pitcairnese     (0.0%)

Major Cities

Adamstown, ?     (population 42)

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From @Conservative_JA on Sun Dec 16 15:40:35 EST 2018 @WelshRev @moamsec Some nations can survive perfectly well on their own produce, such as the United States as well?
From @AutoMcCree on Sun Dec 16 15:01:00 EST 2018 It's High Noon (in Pitcairn Islands, GMT-8)
From @_michaelharding on Sun Dec 16 14:28:24 EST 2018 Once, after a visit to Kylemore Abbey, I took T'ai-chi lessons in Newtown with a serene Pitcairn Island actuary.
From @Narcolepsy_me on Sun Dec 16 14:19:07 EST 2018 Dr Pitcairn is a DVM, PhD, a PhD in Immunology & Virology who didn?t start out thinking vaccines were a bad thing?i?
From @leslieacorke on Sun Dec 16 12:34:05 EST 2018 The second referendum mapped: Entente Cordiale & Modus Vivendi is for #Remaining, #Brexit is absorbed into oblivi?
From @2019Island on Sun Dec 16 11:58:56 EST 2018 We appreciate the great support from @DXEngineering for our DXpedition to Pitcairn Island. We couldn't do it withou?
From @N6WM on Sun Dec 16 10:00:30 EST 2018 RT @2019Island: Thanks to @FlexRadioSystem for supporting the 2019 Pitcairn Island DXpedition. We look forward to putting these great radio?
From @botdescapitales on Sun Dec 16 09:20:27 EST 2018 *???????????????????????? (?) (Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands (UK)) [Îles Pitcairn] : ??????? (Adamstown) [Adamstown]
From @thierry_ubi on Sun Dec 16 08:46:35 EST 2018 [1:46 PM] "Disperse you Rebels - Damn you, throw down your Arms and disperse." -- Maj. John Pitcairn, Lexington, MA, April 19, 1775
From @maggoo0 on Sun Dec 16 07:47:03 EST 2018 `bbcnews In 2017 the following figures were calculated: For the british dependancy of Pitcairn there were 1754 poli?