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Complete details about Palestine in Asia with capital city Gaza

Country NamePalestine (Filastin)
Country CodePSE
Capital CityGaza
RegionMiddle East
Independence Year0
Surface Area6257.0
Life Expectancy71.4 years
GNP4173.0 (old 0.0)
Government FormAutonomous Area

Spoken Languages

Arabic     (95.9%)
Hebrew     (4.1%)

Major Cities

Gaza, Gaza     (population 353632)
Khan Yunis, Khan Yunis     (population 123175)
Hebron, Hebron     (population 119401)
Jabaliya, North Gaza     (population 113901)
Nablus, Nablus     (population 100231)
Rafah, Rafah     (population 92020)

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