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Complete details about Norway in Europe with capital city Oslo

Country NameNorway (Norge)
Country CodeNOR
Capital CityOslo
RegionNordic Countries
Independence Year1905
Surface Area323877.0
Life Expectancy78.7 years
GNP145895.0 (old 153370.0)
Government FormConstitutional Monarchy

Spoken Languages

Danish     (0.4%)
English     (0.5%)
Norwegian [official]     (96.6%)
Saame     (0.0%)
Swedish     (0.3%)

Major Cities

Oslo, Oslo     (population 508726)
Bergen, Hordaland     (population 230948)
Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag     (population 150166)
Stavanger, Rogaland     (population 108848)
Bærum, Akershus     (population 101340)

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