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Complete details about New Zealand in Oceania with capital city Wellington

Country NameNew Zealand (New Zealand/Aotearoa)
Country CodeNZL
Capital CityWellington
RegionAustralia and New Zealand
Independence Year1907
Surface Area270534.0
Life Expectancy77.8 years
GNP54669.0 (old 64960.0)
Government FormConstitutional Monarchy

Spoken Languages

English [official]     (87.0%)
Maori     (4.3%)

Major Cities

Auckland, Auckland     (population 381800)
Christchurch, Canterbury     (population 324200)
Manukau, Auckland     (population 281800)
North Shore, Auckland     (population 187700)
Waitakere, Auckland     (population 170600)
Wellington, Wellington     (population 166700)
Dunedin, Dunedin     (population 119600)
Hamilton, Hamilton     (population 117100)
Lower Hutt, Wellington     (population 98100)

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