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Complete details about Myanmar in Asia with capital city Rangoon (Yangon)

Country NameMyanmar (Myanma Pye)
Country CodeMMR
Capital CityRangoon (Yangon)
RegionSoutheast Asia
Independence Year1948
Surface Area676578.0
Life Expectancy54.9 years
GNP180375.0 (old 171028.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Burmese [official]     (69.0%)
Chin     (2.2%)
Kachin     (1.4%)
Karen     (6.2%)
Kayah     (0.4%)
Mon     (2.4%)
Rakhine     (4.5%)
Shan     (8.5%)

Major Cities

Rangoon (Yangon), Rangoon [Yangon]     (population 3361700)
Mandalay, Mandalay     (population 885300)
Moulmein (Mawlamyine), Mon     (population 307900)
Pegu (Bago), Pegu [Bago]     (population 190900)
Bassein (Pathein), Irrawaddy [Ayeyarwad     (population 183900)
Monywa, Sagaing     (population 138600)
Sittwe (Akyab), Rakhine     (population 137600)
Taunggyi (Taunggye), Shan     (population 131500)
Meikhtila, Mandalay     (population 129700)
Mergui (Myeik), Tenasserim [Tanintha     (population 122700)
Lashio (Lasho), Shan     (population 107600)
Prome (Pyay), Pegu [Bago]     (population 105700)
Henzada (Hinthada), Irrawaddy [Ayeyarwad     (population 104700)
Myingyan, Mandalay     (population 103600)
Tavoy (Dawei), Tenasserim [Tanintha     (population 96800)
Pagakku (Pakokku), Magwe [Magway]     (population 94800)

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