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Complete details about Madagascar in Africa with capital city Antananarivo

Country NameMadagascar (Madagasikara/Madagascar)
Country CodeMDG
Capital CityAntananarivo
RegionEastern Africa
Independence Year1960
Surface Area587041.0
Life Expectancy55.0 years
GNP3750.0 (old 3545.0)
Government FormFederal Republic

Spoken Languages

French [official]     (0.0%)
Malagasy [official]     (98.9%)

Major Cities

Antananarivo, Antananarivo     (population 675669)
Toamasina, Toamasina     (population 127441)
Antsirabé, Antananarivo     (population 120239)
Mahajanga, Mahajanga     (population 100807)
Fianarantsoa, Fianarantsoa     (population 99005)

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