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Complete details about Kenya in Africa with capital city Nairobi

Country NameKenya (Kenya)
Country CodeKEN
Capital CityNairobi
RegionEastern Africa
Independence Year1963
Surface Area580367.0
Life Expectancy48.0 years
GNP9217.0 (old 10241.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Gusii     (6.1%)
Kalenjin     (10.8%)
Kamba     (11.2%)
Kikuyu     (20.9%)
Luhya     (13.8%)
Luo     (12.8%)
Masai     (1.6%)
Meru     (5.5%)
Nyika     (4.8%)
Turkana     (1.4%)

Major Cities

Nairobi, Nairobi     (population 2290000)
Mombasa, Coast     (population 461753)
Kisumu, Nyanza     (population 192733)
Nakuru, Rift Valley     (population 163927)
Machakos, Eastern     (population 116293)
Eldoret, Rift Valley     (population 111882)
Meru, Eastern     (population 94947)
Nyeri, Central     (population 91258)

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