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Complete details about Iraq in Asia with capital city Baghdad

Country NameIraq (Al-´Iraq)
Country CodeIRQ
Capital CityBaghdad
RegionMiddle East
Independence Year1932
Surface Area438317.0
Life Expectancy66.5 years
GNP11500.0 (old 0.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Arabic [official]     (77.2%)
Assyrian     (0.8%)
Azerbaijani     (1.7%)
Kurdish     (19.0%)
Persian     (0.8%)

Major Cities

Baghdad, Baghdad     (population 4336000)
Mosul, Ninawa     (population 879000)
Irbil, Irbil     (population 485968)
Kirkuk, al-Tamim     (population 418624)
Basra, Basra     (population 406296)
al-Sulaymaniya, al-Sulaymaniya     (population 364096)
al-Najaf, al-Najaf     (population 309010)
Karbala, Karbala     (population 296705)
al-Hilla, Babil     (population 268834)
al-Nasiriya, DhiQar     (population 265937)
al-Amara, Maysan     (population 208797)
al-Diwaniya, al-Qadisiya     (population 196519)
al-Ramadi, al-Anbar     (population 192556)
al-Kut, Wasit     (population 183183)
Baquba, Diyala     (population 114516)

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