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Complete details about Iran in Asia with capital city Teheran

Country NameIran (Iran)
Country CodeIRN
Capital CityTeheran
RegionSouthern and Central Asia
Independence Year1906
Surface Area1648195.0
Life Expectancy69.7 years
GNP195746.0 (old 160151.0)
Government FormIslamic Republic

Spoken Languages

Arabic     (2.2%)
Azerbaijani     (16.8%)
Bakhtyari     (1.7%)
Balochi     (2.3%)
Gilaki     (5.3%)
Kurdish     (9.1%)
Luri     (4.3%)
Mazandarani     (3.6%)
Persian [official]     (45.7%)
Turkmenian     (1.6%)

Major Cities

Teheran, Teheran     (population 6758845)
Mashhad, Khorasan     (population 1887405)
Esfahan, Esfahan     (population 1266072)
Tabriz, East Azerbaidzan     (population 1191043)
Shiraz, Fars     (population 1053025)
Karaj, Teheran     (population 940968)
Ahvaz, Khuzestan     (population 804980)
Qom, Qom     (population 777677)
Kermanshah, Kermanshah     (population 692986)
Urmia, West Azerbaidzan     (population 435200)
Zahedan, Sistan va Baluchesta     (population 419518)
Rasht, Gilan     (population 417748)
Hamadan, Hamadan     (population 401281)
Kerman, Kerman     (population 384991)
Arak, Markazi     (population 380755)
Ardebil, Ardebil     (population 340386)
Yazd, Yazd     (population 326776)
Qazvin, Qazvin     (population 291117)
Zanjan, Zanjan     (population 286295)
Sanandaj, Kordestan     (population 277808)
Bandar-e-Abbas, Hormozgan     (population 273578)
Khorramabad, Lorestan     (population 272815)
Eslamshahr, Teheran     (population 265450)
Borujerd, Lorestan     (population 217804)
Abadan, Khuzestan     (population 206073)
Dezful, Khuzestan     (population 202639)
Kashan, Esfahan     (population 201372)
Sari, Mazandaran     (population 195882)
Gorgan, Golestan     (population 188710)
Najafabad, Esfahan     (population 178498)
Sabzevar, Khorasan     (population 170738)
Khomeynishahr, Esfahan     (population 165888)
Amol, Mazandaran     (population 159092)
Neyshabur, Khorasan     (population 158847)
Babol, Mazandaran     (population 158346)
Khoy, West Azerbaidzan     (population 148944)
Malayer, Hamadan     (population 144373)
Bushehr, Bushehr     (population 143641)
Qaemshahr, Mazandaran     (population 143286)
Qarchak, Teheran     (population 142690)
Qods, Teheran     (population 138278)
Sirjan, Kerman     (population 135024)
Bojnurd, Khorasan     (population 134835)
Maragheh, East Azerbaidzan     (population 132318)
Birjand, Khorasan     (population 127608)
Ilam, Ilam     (population 126346)
Bukan, West Azerbaidzan     (population 120020)
Masjed-e-Soleyman, Khuzestan     (population 116883)
Saqqez, Kordestan     (population 115394)
Gonbad-e Qabus, Mazandaran     (population 111253)
Saveh, Qom     (population 111245)
Mahabad, West Azerbaidzan     (population 107799)
Varamin, Teheran     (population 107233)
Andimeshk, Khuzestan     (population 106923)
Khorramshahr, Khuzestan     (population 105636)
Shahrud, Semnan     (population 104765)
Marv Dasht, Fars     (population 103579)
Zabol, Sistan va Baluchesta     (population 100887)
Shahr-e Kord, Chaharmahal va Bakht     (population 100477)
Bandar-e Anzali, Gilan     (population 98500)
Rafsanjan, Kerman     (population 98300)
Marand, East Azerbaidzan     (population 96400)
Torbat-e Heydariyeh, Khorasan     (population 94600)
Jahrom, Fars     (population 94200)
Semnan, Semnan     (population 91045)
Miandoab, West Azerbaidzan     (population 90100)
Qomsheh, Esfahan     (population 89800)

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