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Complete details about Greece in Europe with capital city Athenai

Country NameGreece (Elláda)
Country CodeGRC
Capital CityAthenai
RegionSouthern Europe
Independence Year1830
Surface Area131626.0
Life Expectancy78.4 years
GNP120724.0 (old 119946.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Greek [official]     (98.5%)
Turkish     (0.9%)

Major Cities

Athenai, Attika     (population 772072)
Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia     (population 383967)
Pireus, Attika     (population 182671)
Patras, West Greece     (population 153344)
Peristerion, Attika     (population 137288)
Herakleion, Crete     (population 116178)
Kallithea, Attika     (population 114233)
Larisa, Thessalia     (population 113090)

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