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Complete details about Egypt in Africa with capital city Cairo

Country NameEgypt (Misr)
Country CodeEGY
Capital CityCairo
RegionNorthern Africa
Independence Year1922
Surface Area1001449.0
Life Expectancy63.3 years
GNP82710.0 (old 75617.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Arabic [official]     (98.8%)
Sinaberberi     (0.0%)

Major Cities

Cairo, Kairo     (population 6789479)
Alexandria, Aleksandria     (population 3328196)
Giza, Giza     (population 2221868)
Shubra al-Khayma, al-Qalyubiya     (population 870716)
Port Said, Port Said     (population 469533)
Suez, Suez     (population 417610)
al-Mahallat al-Kubra, al-Gharbiya     (population 395402)
Tanta, al-Gharbiya     (population 371010)
al-Mansura, al-Daqahliya     (population 369621)
Luxor, Luxor     (population 360503)
Asyut, Asyut     (population 343498)
Bahtim, al-Qalyubiya     (population 275807)
Zagazig, al-Sharqiya     (population 267351)
al-Faiyum, al-Faiyum     (population 260964)
Ismailia, Ismailia     (population 254477)
Kafr al-Dawwar, al-Buhayra     (population 231978)
Assuan, Assuan     (population 219017)
Damanhur, al-Buhayra     (population 212203)
al-Minya, al-Minya     (population 201360)
Bani Suwayf, Bani Suwayf     (population 172032)
Qina, Qina     (population 171275)
Sawhaj, Sawhaj     (population 170125)
Shibin al-Kawm, al-Minufiya     (population 159909)
Bulaq al-Dakrur, Giza     (population 148787)
Banha, al-Qalyubiya     (population 145792)
Warraq al-Arab, Giza     (population 127108)
Kafr al-Shaykh, Kafr al-Shaykh     (population 124819)
Mallawi, al-Minya     (population 119283)
Bilbays, al-Sharqiya     (population 113608)
Mit Ghamr, al-Daqahliya     (population 101801)
al-Arish, Shamal Sina     (population 100447)
Talkha, al-Daqahliya     (population 97700)
Qalyub, al-Qalyubiya     (population 97200)
Jirja, Sawhaj     (population 95400)
Idfu, Qina     (population 94200)
al-Hawamidiya, Giza     (population 91700)
Disuq, Kafr al-Shaykh     (population 91300)

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