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Complete details about Benin in Africa with capital city Porto-Novo

Country NameBenin (Bénin)
Country CodeBEN
Capital CityPorto-Novo
RegionWestern Africa
Independence Year1960
Surface Area112622.0
Life Expectancy50.2 years
GNP2357.0 (old 2141.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Adja     (11.1%)
Aizo     (8.7%)
Bariba     (8.7%)
Fon     (39.8%)
Ful     (5.6%)
Joruba     (12.2%)
Somba     (6.7%)

Major Cities

Cotonou, Atlantique     (population 536827)
Porto-Novo, Ouémé     (population 194000)
Djougou, Atacora     (population 134099)
Parakou, Borgou     (population 103577)

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