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Complete details about Azerbaijan in Asia with capital city Baku

Country NameAzerbaijan (Azärbaycan)
Country CodeAZE
Capital CityBaku
RegionMiddle East
Independence Year1991
Surface Area86600.0
Life Expectancy62.9 years
GNP4127.0 (old 4100.0)
Government FormFederal Republic

Spoken Languages

Armenian     (2.0%)
Azerbaijani [official]     (89.0%)
Lezgian     (2.3%)
Russian     (3.0%)

Major Cities

Baku, Baki     (population 1787800)
Gäncä, Gäncä     (population 299300)
Sumqayit, Sumqayit     (population 283000)
Mingäçevir, Mingäçevir     (population 93900)

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