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Complete details about Angola in Africa with capital city Luanda

Country NameAngola (Angola)
Country CodeAGO
Capital CityLuanda
RegionCentral Africa
Independence Year1975
Surface Area1246700.0
Life Expectancy38.3 years
GNP6648.0 (old 7984.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Ambo     (2.4%)
Chokwe     (4.2%)
Kongo     (13.2%)
Luchazi     (2.4%)
Luimbe-nganguela     (5.4%)
Luvale     (3.6%)
Mbundu     (21.6%)
Nyaneka-nkhumbi     (5.4%)
Ovimbundu     (37.2%)

Major Cities

Luanda, Luanda     (population 2022000)
Huambo, Huambo     (population 163100)
Lobito, Benguela     (population 130000)
Benguela, Benguela     (population 128300)
Namibe, Namibe     (population 118200)

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