What does DM mean on Twitter. How to DM on Twitter. Twitter DM limitations.

DM is short for Direct Message.


Direct Message on Twitter is a private way to communicate on Twitter. This is free messaging system.


You can send Direct Messages (DMs) to your followers on Twitter. Recently Twitter rolled out a new feature allowing to send DM not only between followers, but to anyone. This feature can be controlled to allow receiving DMs from anyone on Twitter.

Why people use DM on Twitter? If you want to pass the message directly to another Twitter user without posting it on your timeline, DM is the way to communicate directly and privately between Twitter followers. You can send direct message to a group of followers. You can pass links and images as part of direct mesage body.

Till July 2015 the size of DM on Twitter was same as size of tweet - 140 characters. After July 2014 Twitter has increased size of direct messages to 10,000 characters.

Before April 2015 you coould send 250 DMs a day manually or via API. After April 2015 Twitter increased this limitation to 1000 direct messages a day.

DM length 10,000
Number of DMs a day 1000
DM can be sent to anyone


How to DM someone on Twitter?

how to DM on Twitter

  1. select user on Twitter
  2. click on more user actions icon
  3. select send a Direct Message
  4. type in the message, add image if needed
  5. click the Send message button

how to DM on Twitter

You can receive email notifications when someone sent you private direct message on Twitter. This can be controlled on your Twitter account's settings under Email Notifications section:

email notification when DM received

Twitter website has dedicated icon located on top to notify you about received DMs. Clicking on it opens Twitter DM inbox where you can see all sent and received messages.

twitter dm notification

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