Running Marketing Campaigns on Twitter - DM all Followers Automatically

Many applications have come and gone (Tweetadder, that allowed you to send a direct message to all your twitter followers. Twitter recently increased the number of Direct Messages you can send in one day to 1000, as well as increased the DM text length to 10,000. All this opens more marketing opportunities on Twitter.

You can manually send a direct message to all your Twitter followers, but it's to laborious to use that method if you have thousands of followers. Lets say if you have 2000 followers on Twitter and you want to send DM to all of them. Assuming sending DM to one followers would take you about 20 seconds, meaningn to send to all 2000 followers you need more than 11 hours of monotoninc manual non-stop work surprise. You also need to keep a lit of all your followers and keep the records whom you send already, that would add additonal 10 seconds per follwer, which adds additional 5.5 hours. No doubt this is not a way to do this task. Think how it will take to send to more popular twitter users with 10's thousands or even 100's thousands. In such cases this activity become mission impossible.

The DM All Twitter Followers online service will help you to make this mission possible and it will only take 1 minutes to set it up:?

  1. Visit the DM All Twitter Followers online service
  2. Sign in with your Twitter user to authorize this online service to send DM on your behalf
  3. Write your desired direct message. You can use special tag to add recipients username in the message and you can add emoji's making your DM nice, personal, professional and rich.
  4. Activate the service and that is it

The service will start sending DMs to your followers on Twitter every hour with 20 DMs per hours to a maximum of 400 DMs a day and to a maximum 75,000 followers.

Fully customisable direct messages including recipients twitter user name, rich text with smiley, emoji and emoticons, and message up to 1000 characters long.

With this unique service your marketing strategies on Twitter are endless.

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