Best Keyword Selection Strategy. Generate traffic to your website with hot keywords.

Finding The Right Organic SEO Keywords is #1 for successful SEO of your websites. How to choose the right keywords for SEO? I will explain this in the article with examples. Finding right keywords is crucial for success of your websites. When I say success I refer to nature organic traffic from search engines. This kind of traffic is best long term strategy, which not requires constant funding, and has huge potential to grow over time.

How Google Works:

  • Googlebot, a web crawler that finds and fetches web pages.
  • The indexer that sorts every word on every page and stores the resulting index of words in a huge database.
  • The query processor, which compares your search query to the index and recommends the documents that it considers most relevant.

compares your search query to the index and recommends the documents that it considers most relevant this is where right keywords will do their magic.
How can I find the right keywords for my website?
1) Write down keywords related to your website topic/niche. Use also synonyms, don't repeat same keywords.
2) Write down possible search phrases, you would do the search for your topic. Ask your friends for more phrases.
3) Order your keywords/phrases by their importance and search trend.
4) Use selected keywords in your title, meta description and H1 tag.
5) Make sure your in-page text covers most of your keywords. At the same time make sure the text you wrote is for humans, not spiders.

How to choose the good keywords for my website? Here are few tips:
1) Select keywords with high search numbers
2) Select keywords with low competition
3) Select keywords with increasing search trend

Google gives you several free tools which can help you while selecting your keywords.
Google Insights for Search - with Google Insights for Search, you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties. Let's take a look for "Keyword SEO" search term. Google Insights for Keyword SEO Search term
As you can see this keyword phrase "Keyword SEO" has constantly increasing trend, meaning this phrase has very good future potential and it is good candidate to be used on your website.
Google Insights for Search also shows Regional interest for selected phrase. In our example, the regional interest for "Keyword SEO" distributes as follows:
1) India
2) Indonesia
3) Thailand
4) UK
5) US
6) Australia
7) Canada
8) Netherlands
9) Germany
10) Japan

If you specialize in particular geographical area, you can narrow Google Insights for specific country.
Another very important part of Google Insights is Search terms. Search terms show the top searches related to your phrase as well as rising searches.
In our example of "Keyword SEO" phrase, the top searches are:
1. keyword tool
2. seo tool keyword
3. seo tool
4. google keyword
5. google seo
6. google keyword tool
7. keyword tools
8. seo keyword search
9. seo tools
10. seo tools keyword

Rising searches related to "Keyword SEO" are:
1. google keyword tool Breakout
2. keyword for seo Breakout
3. keyword research seo Breakout
4. keyword tool +450%
5. seo tool keyword +300%
6. google seo +250%
7. seo tool +250%
8. google keyword +200%
9. free seo +70%
10. seo keywords

Here you can see that "keyword tool" phrase is mostly searched, meaning this search term potentially can bring significant traffic.
The "google keyword tool" search term is on the rise, meaning the trend of this search jumped up recently. It means this term also worth to use as it now very hot term.
Another Google tool you can use is Google Trends. This tool helps you to find Hot Trends and Trends for Websites.
The Google Trend for "Keyword SEO":
As you can see, the "Keyword SEO" is on the constant rise.

Now, after we found highly searched keywords and phrases with good trending, now it is time to filter the ones with lower competition.
Here we can use the Search-based Keyword Tool or Google AdWords keyword tool.
These tools give us idea of similar search terms, with level of competition, local and global search volumes.
In our example of "Keyword SEO", for example we see that "search engine optimization" term has highest search volume of 7.5M monthly searches globally with medium competition. This is very good key phrase to start with!

We almost done, but one more keyword strategy that can help you to outperform your competitors - target their main keywords. In Google AdWords keyword tool you can put your main competitors website and find his best keywords. In our example I will be using as main competitor (please note this is just an example). The result I'm getting is:
1) search engine optimization packages
2) search engine optimization techniques
3) best search engine optimization tool
4) best search engine optimization services
These phrases have very high search volumes and medium competition.

Now, when we found our keywords and phrases, it is time to write page title, meta description and H1.
Please note, the title has limited number of characters. On Google SERP it shows only 70 characters. I strongly recommend to put the most important keywords as the beginning of your title.
Also meta description has it's limitation which is around 300 characters. Also here try to put the most important key phrases at the beginning. Please make sure you not repeat same phrases to many times and you have covered as much as possible of your important keywords.

Please note, keyword selection is not done only once. The trends are changing and new important keywords showing up. You should review your keywords on a monthly basis and tune them if required.
When you create link campaign, use your important keywords as your main strategy, i.e. these keywords should be part of anchor text as I show here: search engine optimization techniques .

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