Facebook vs AdBlock War - Why Facebook Will Win

Latetly Facebook made updates to supress Adblocking tools on their website. A few days later Adblock responded back with some enhancements to surpass Facebook fix. Next day Facebook implemented another change making adblocking plugins irrelevant on facebook.com

facebook vs adbblok plus

Can Facebook afford loosing this war when 97% of Facebook stock revenues are based on advertising? Of course not.

What about Google? Will Google join the war? In 2015, Google's ad revenue amounted to almost 67.39 billion US dollars. That year, advertising accounted for the majority percent of the online company's total revenues.

Twitter? Same story, vast majority of Twitter's revenue comes from advertising, where 86% come from mobile devices. Will Twitter join this war?

I guess everyone is now looking on how Facebook vs Adblock Plus was will end, but for sure Feacebook cannot affort losing this game, and other will follow.

As of now Google taking steps to punish websites, especaally mobile version, where full page ads preventing access to the main content. But one thing is clear, that will not stop adblocking tools.

About adblock and adblock plus, these tools wil disapper, will be irrelevant. Their concept is collective punishment, somehow remonds me North Korea practices collective punishment. Because some websites abusing user experience with too many ads, the adblicking plugins cannot distinguish between bad and good, and punish everyone. Many blogs and websites exist from ad revenue. Many websites fighted back and closed their doors to users with adblock plugins installed on their browsers. So we did on some of our websites where revenue come from ads only, like Montreal Classifieds.

Adblocking tools also moving towards mobile world. A few browsers were released on Google play and Apple app store. These will hurt Google and Apple revenues from advertising on those platforms.

If Google, Twitter and others will follow Facebook and join the war, and Google Play and Apple app store will block adblocking apps on their stores, and Google chrome will stop distributing such plugins, AdBlock's will be come zombies and will disapper. And instead of collective punishment lets put our efforts fighting those websites and apps which abuse enduser experience with massive amount of ads.





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