How to block Twitter user, How to mute Twitter users, How to share blocking list.

What is blocking vs muting Twitter user? When you block another Twitter users, he cannot follow you, he cannot see your tweets, when he is logged  on Twitter, he cannot contact you an Twitter. When you block user, he not getting notified, but he can see that you blocked him. Why you want to block someone? well if someone abusing you, spamming, mentioning too much.

When you mute someone, it means you don't see his tweets on your timeline, but he could, he can contact you, mention, retweet. Why you want to mute someone? just because you followed him as follow back, but you don't want to see his tweets, may be he posting too much.

How to block or mute someone on Twiter? It is simple, just click on users profile, click on more user actions icon, and select mute or block.

mute or block twitter users

To view already bocked or muted twitter users, go to settings and you will see these 2 options:

view blocked or muted twitter users

On June 10th, 2015 Twitter rolled out advanced feature to export / import blocked users list (up to 5000 in the list), and you can share this list with others on Twitter.



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