Important Changes to Impression Measurement for AdMob Banner Ads

Today I received this letter from Google (AdMob):

Dear AdMob Publisher,

We’re making an important update to the way that we define banner ad impressions. Today, AdMob counts native and interstitial impressions when at least 1 pixel of an ad appears on a device's screen. However, AdMob counts a banner ad impression each time an ad is served to the app. We're changing the way we count banner ads to align with interstitial and native ads.

On Septem‌ber 27, 2016, we’ll start counting an impression when at least 1 pixel of an ad appears on the device screen. This update will gradually take effect over the months of September and October for all Google banner ads. However, it won’t apply for any ads mediated from third parties via AdMob.

Why are we making this change?
By making this change, the impression data you see in your AdMob account will now show you when ads are actually appearing on users’ screens. This allows you to optimize your ad implementation while maintaining a clearer definition of an impression across apps.


Does it mean the number of impressions now will go down (I mean the stats, not actual app usage)? And if yes, in this case the CTR will go up.

Well as long as earning stay as is or going up, I'm totally fine!

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