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Complete details about United Kingdom in Europe with capital city London

Country NameUnited Kingdom (United Kingdom)
Country CodeGBR
Capital CityLondon
RegionBritish Islands
Independence Year1066
Surface Area242900.0
Life Expectancy77.7 years
GNP1378330.0 (old 1296830.0)
Government FormConstitutional Monarchy

Spoken Languages

English [official]     (97.3%)
Gaeli     (0.1%)
Kymri     (0.9%)

Major Cities

London, England     (population 7285000)
Birmingham, England     (population 1013000)
Glasgow, Scotland     (population 619680)
Liverpool, England     (population 461000)
Edinburgh, Scotland     (population 450180)
Sheffield, England     (population 431607)
Manchester, England     (population 430000)
Leeds, England     (population 424194)
Bristol, England     (population 402000)
Cardiff, Wales     (population 321000)
Coventry, England     (population 304000)
Leicester, England     (population 294000)
Bradford, England     (population 289376)
Belfast, North Ireland     (population 287500)
Nottingham, England     (population 287000)
Kingston upon Hull, England     (population 262000)
Plymouth, England     (population 253000)
Stoke-on-Trent, England     (population 252000)
Wolverhampton, England     (population 242000)
Derby, England     (population 236000)
Swansea, Wales     (population 230000)
Southampton, England     (population 216000)
Aberdeen, Scotland     (population 213070)
Northampton, England     (population 196000)
Dudley, England     (population 192171)
Portsmouth, England     (population 190000)
Newcastle upon Tyne, England     (population 189150)
Sunderland, England     (population 183310)
Luton, England     (population 183000)
Swindon, England     (population 180000)
Southend-on-Sea, England     (population 176000)
Walsall, England     (population 174739)
Bournemouth, England     (population 162000)
Peterborough, England     (population 156000)
Brighton, England     (population 156124)
Blackpool, England     (population 151000)
Dundee, Scotland     (population 146690)
West Bromwich, England     (population 146386)
Reading, England     (population 148000)
Oldbury/Smethwick (Warley), England     (population 145542)
Middlesbrough, England     (population 145000)
Huddersfield, England     (population 143726)
Oxford, England     (population 144000)
Poole, England     (population 141000)
Bolton, England     (population 139020)
Blackburn, England     (population 140000)
Newport, Wales     (population 139000)
Preston, England     (population 135000)
Stockport, England     (population 132813)
Norwich, England     (population 124000)
Rotherham, England     (population 121380)
Cambridge, England     (population 121000)
Watford, England     (population 113080)
Ipswich, England     (population 114000)
Slough, England     (population 112000)
Exeter, England     (population 111000)
Cheltenham, England     (population 106000)
Gloucester, England     (population 107000)
Saint Helens, England     (population 106293)
Sutton Coldfield, England     (population 106001)
York, England     (population 104425)
Oldham, England     (population 103931)
Basildon, England     (population 100924)
Worthing, England     (population 100000)
Chelmsford, England     (population 97451)
Colchester, England     (population 96063)
Crawley, England     (population 97000)
Gillingham, England     (population 92000)
Solihull, England     (population 94531)
Rochdale, England     (population 94313)
Birkenhead, England     (population 93087)
Worcester, England     (population 95000)
Hartlepool, England     (population 92000)
Halifax, England     (population 91069)
Woking/Byfleet, England     (population 92000)
Southport, England     (population 90959)
Maidstone, England     (population 90878)
Eastbourne, England     (population 90000)
Grimsby, England     (population 89000)
Saint Helier, Jersey     (population 27523)
Douglas, ?     (population 23487)

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