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Complete details about Taiwan in Asia with capital city Taipei

Country NameTaiwan (T?ai-wan)
Country CodeTWN
Capital CityTaipei
RegionEastern Asia
Independence Year1945
Surface Area36188.0
Life Expectancy76.4 years
GNP256254.0 (old 263451.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Ami     (0.6%)
Atayal     (0.4%)
Hakka     (11.0%)
Mandarin Chinese [official]     (20.1%)
Min     (66.7%)
Paiwan     (0.3%)

Major Cities

Taipei, Taipei     (population 2641312)
Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung     (population 1475505)
Taichung, Taichung     (population 940589)
Tainan, Tainan     (population 728060)
Panchiao, Taipei     (population 523850)
Chungho, Taipei     (population 392176)
Keelung (Chilung), Keelung     (population 385201)
Sanchung, Taipei     (population 380084)
Hsinchuang, Taipei     (population 365048)
Hsinchu, Hsinchu     (population 361958)
Chungli, Taoyuan     (population 318649)
Fengshan, Kaohsiung     (population 318562)
Taoyuan, Taoyuan     (population 316438)
Chiayi, Chiayi     (population 265109)
Hsintien, Taipei     (population 263603)
Changhwa, Changhwa     (population 227715)
Yungho, Taipei     (population 227700)
Tucheng, Taipei     (population 224897)
Pingtung, Pingtung     (population 214727)
Yungkang, Tainan     (population 193005)
Pingchen, Taoyuan     (population 188344)
Tali, Taichung     (population 171940)
Taiping,     (population 165524)
Pate, Taoyuan     (population 161700)
Fengyuan, Taichung     (population 161032)
Luchou, Taipei     (population 160516)
Hsichuh, Taipei     (population 154976)
Shulin, Taipei     (population 151260)
Yuanlin, Changhwa     (population 126402)
Yangmei, Taoyuan     (population 126323)
Taliao,     (population 115897)
Kueishan,     (population 112195)
Tanshui, Taipei     (population 111882)
Taitung, Taitung     (population 111039)
Hualien, Hualien     (population 108407)
Nantou, Nantou     (population 104723)
Lungtan, Taipei     (population 103088)
Touliu, Yünlin     (population 98900)
Tsaotun, Nantou     (population 96800)
Kangshan, Kaohsiung     (population 92200)
Ilan, Ilan     (population 92000)
Miaoli, Miaoli     (population 90000)

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