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Complete details about Slovakia in Europe with capital city Bratislava

Country NameSlovakia (Slovensko)
Country CodeSVK
Capital CityBratislava
RegionEastern Europe
Independence Year1993
Surface Area49012.0
Life Expectancy73.7 years
GNP20594.0 (old 19452.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Czech and Moravian     (1.1%)
Hungarian     (10.5%)
Romani     (1.7%)
Slovak [official]     (85.6%)
Ukrainian and Russian     (0.6%)

Major Cities

Bratislava, Bratislava     (population 448292)
Ko?ice, Východné Slovensko     (population 241874)
Pre?ov, Východné Slovensko     (population 93977)

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