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Complete details about Saudi Arabia in Asia with capital city Riyadh

Country NameSaudi Arabia (Al-´Arabiya as-Sa´udiya)
Country CodeSAU
Capital CityRiyadh
RegionMiddle East
Independence Year1932
Surface Area2149690.0
Life Expectancy67.8 years
GNP137635.0 (old 146171.0)
Government FormMonarchy

Spoken Languages

Arabic [official]     (95.0%)

Major Cities

Riyadh, Riyadh     (population 3324000)
Jedda, Mekka     (population 2046300)
Mekka, Mekka     (population 965700)
Medina, Medina     (population 608300)
al-Dammam, al-Sharqiya     (population 482300)
al-Taif, Mekka     (population 416100)
Tabuk, Tabuk     (population 292600)
Burayda, al-Qasim     (population 248600)
al-Hufuf, al-Sharqiya     (population 225800)
al-Mubarraz, al-Sharqiya     (population 219100)
Khamis Mushayt, Asir     (population 217900)
Hail, Hail     (population 176800)
al-Kharj, Riad     (population 152100)
al-Khubar, al-Sharqiya     (population 141700)
Jubayl, al-Sharqiya     (population 140800)
Hafar al-Batin, al-Sharqiya     (population 137800)
al-Tuqba, al-Sharqiya     (population 125700)
Yanbu, Medina     (population 119800)
Abha, Asir     (population 112300)
Ara´ar, al-Khudud al-Samaliy     (population 108100)
al-Qatif, al-Sharqiya     (population 98900)
al-Hawiya, Mekka     (population 93900)
Unayza, Qasim     (population 91100)
Najran, Najran     (population 91000)

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Why a British grandfather faces 350 lashes in Saudi Arabia

A British citizen living in Saudi Arabia faces public flogging after Islamic authorities found wine hidden in his car. His case is drawing criticism of Western indifference towards human rights issues in the Middle Eastern country.   read full story

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A 74-year-old British grandfather faces 350 lashes in Saudi Arabia for having wine read full story

Publisher: U.S. News & World ReportTue, 13 Oct 2015 10:37:30 -0700
France, Saudi Arabia deepen alliance with 10B euros in deals

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) ? France has signed deals worth 10 billion euros ($11.4 billion) with Saudi Arabia, said French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Tuesday, underscoring the shared foreign policy stances that have helped deepen the two countries' ...   read full story

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Blowback: Saudi Arabia vs. Russia in Syria

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Ahmed the 'clock boy' on celebrity tour in Saudi Arabia

And with a little help from President Obama, they have been treated like celebrities in New York, Qatar, and now Saudi Arabia. It was only weeks ago that 14-year-old Mohamed brought his ?suitcase clock? to MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas, on Sept.   read full story

Saudi Arabia Tweets

From @snoswell on Tue Oct 13 18:58:12 EDT 2015 74yo Briton sentenced to public flogging in Saudi Arabia, family pleads for intervention via @abcnews
From @colottia on Tue Oct 13 18:58:10 EDT 2015 RT @ForosTelecinco: Arabia Saudi ¿Tal vez el PARAISO de los viejos impunes pederastas y violadores MULTIMILLONARIOS del mundo? Tic,tac.. ht?
From @luciedefaux523 on Tue Oct 13 18:58:09 EDT 2015 British family says 74-year-old grandfather faces 350 lashes from Saudi Arabia ... - Washington Post
From @stevenlacey41 on Tue Oct 13 18:58:01 EDT 2015 RT @LouiseMensch: I am at a loss to understand the lack of principles in our progressive party over Saudi Arabia. I am a Cameroon. This isn?
From @KamuelaChong on Tue Oct 13 18:58:00 EDT 2015 RT @ugolini_g: @PamelaGeller What else to expect from UN who has nominated Saudi Arabia (!) at the head of the Human Rights panel? UN MUST ?
From @saveusrepublic2 on Tue Oct 13 18:58:00 EDT 2015 RT @southsalem: Appalling barbarity. Sympathy dampened bc he lived/worked in saudi arabia for 25yrs supporting this sharia savagery https:/?
From @HatHooi on Tue Oct 13 18:57:58 EDT 2015 RT @Woodlandbookshp: Appointing #Saudi Arabia to head @UN's #HumanRights, is like appointing Josef Mengele to run a children's hospital. ht?
From @pedri23346 on Tue Oct 13 18:57:47 EDT 2015 RT @Reflex_volucion: Protesta en Dhamar (Yemen) contra la masacre de Arabia Saudí que asesinó a 51 personas e hirió a 41 durante una boda h?
From @rdjacob2011 on Tue Oct 13 18:57:43 EDT 2015 RT @albertanate: @SheilaGunnReid Iran (and Russia) vs. Saudi Arabia. This is what happens when US retreats leave power vaccums.
From @OldSchool1000 on Tue Oct 13 18:57:39 EDT 2015 RT @Joannechocolat: If we're okay with Saudi Arabia's record of beheading, stoning, flogging and crucifixion, what EXACTLY is it that we do?
From @ChrisConwayBC on Tue Oct 13 18:57:34 EDT 2015 #PMHarper's Saudi allies plan 350 lashes for 74-year-old British citizen #BarbaricCulturalPractices #CdnPoli #Elxn42
From @NVlad_Ru on Tue Oct 13 18:57:33 EDT 2015 RT @ForosTelecinco: @ForosTelecinco Monarquía Saudí activa en Génesis y Financiamiento de TERRORISTAS para desestabilizar Oriente Medio ht?
From @Esteban_____ on Tue Oct 13 18:57:24 EDT 2015 RT @Reflex_volucion: Arabia Saudí está usando armas químicas como la bomba de fósforo en Yemen.
From @born2lead01 on Tue Oct 13 18:57:24 EDT 2015 The brutal way Saudi Arabia treats the people it is going to execute
From @AviWoolf on Tue Oct 13 18:57:10 EDT 2015 RT @JSchanzer: The Russians are meddling again in the Muslim world. The Saudis are pissed. What could go wrong?