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Complete details about Saudi Arabia in Asia with capital city Riyadh

Country NameSaudi Arabia (Al-´Arabiya as-Sa´udiya)
Country CodeSAU
Capital CityRiyadh
RegionMiddle East
Independence Year1932
Surface Area2149690.0
Life Expectancy67.8 years
GNP137635.0 (old 146171.0)
Government FormMonarchy

Spoken Languages

Arabic [official]     (95.0%)

Major Cities

Riyadh, Riyadh     (population 3324000)
Jedda, Mekka     (population 2046300)
Mekka, Mekka     (population 965700)
Medina, Medina     (population 608300)
al-Dammam, al-Sharqiya     (population 482300)
al-Taif, Mekka     (population 416100)
Tabuk, Tabuk     (population 292600)
Burayda, al-Qasim     (population 248600)
al-Hufuf, al-Sharqiya     (population 225800)
al-Mubarraz, al-Sharqiya     (population 219100)
Khamis Mushayt, Asir     (population 217900)
Hail, Hail     (population 176800)
al-Kharj, Riad     (population 152100)
al-Khubar, al-Sharqiya     (population 141700)
Jubayl, al-Sharqiya     (population 140800)
Hafar al-Batin, al-Sharqiya     (population 137800)
al-Tuqba, al-Sharqiya     (population 125700)
Yanbu, Medina     (population 119800)
Abha, Asir     (population 112300)
Ara´ar, al-Khudud al-Samaliy     (population 108100)
al-Qatif, al-Sharqiya     (population 98900)
al-Hawiya, Mekka     (population 93900)
Unayza, Qasim     (population 91100)
Najran, Najran     (population 91000)

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