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Complete details about Norway in Europe with capital city Oslo

Country NameNorway (Norge)
Country CodeNOR
Capital CityOslo
RegionNordic Countries
Independence Year1905
Surface Area323877.0
Life Expectancy78.7 years
GNP145895.0 (old 153370.0)
Government FormConstitutional Monarchy

Spoken Languages

Danish     (0.4%)
English     (0.5%)
Norwegian [official]     (96.6%)
Saame     (0.0%)
Swedish     (0.3%)

Major Cities

Oslo, Oslo     (population 508726)
Bergen, Hordaland     (population 230948)
Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag     (population 150166)
Stavanger, Rogaland     (population 108848)
Bærum, Akershus     (population 101340)

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Father in shock RCMP shot his son in Norway House

The special unit, from Alberta, is heading to Norway House Cree Nation to look into the matter, which happened Sunday during a baseball tournament in the community. Witnesses told CBC News the man, Evan Cromarty, who suffered non-life-threatening ...   read full story

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Publisher: The Local.noTue, 22 Jul 2014 01:43:23 -0700
3 years on: Norway remembers Utøya

Across Norway's municipalities, wreaths will be laid down at memorial stones for the 77 people killed in the attacks on the government quarters and on Utøya island. In Trondheim, there will be a memorial ceremony in the city hall park at 2pm. The ...   read full story

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Has Norway reclaimed Utoya?

At approximately 5:20pm on Friday, July 22, 2011, after having attacked Oslo's main government buildings with a fertiliser bomb, Anders Behring Breivik arrived on the lake island of Utoya dressed as a policeman. Armed with a Glock pistol and a Ruger ...   read full story

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Norway Prime Minister Joins Mourners Marking Breivik Attacks

Norway's Prime MinisterErna Solberg was among those attending memorial services as the nation marks the third anniversary of its bloodiest peace-time massacre on record. Mourners gathered at Oslo's Cathedral today to recall the attacks carried out by ...   read full story

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Norway Tweets

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From @CRostvik on Tue Jul 22 09:20:39 EDT 2014 RT @SolheimDAC: 22 July today: Norway`s 911 when we remember the terror victims of Utøya + Oslo. Let us defeat racism, nazism and hate spee?
From @kroppzoich2011 on Tue Jul 22 09:20:39 EDT 2014 RT @dalFionavar: Today,#3years ago,on #22July2011 in #Oslo+#Utøya,#Norway #77people died. You remember,who they were? I do
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From @CRostvik on Tue Jul 22 09:20:15 EDT 2014 Three years since the massacre at Utøya, Norway. Love, hugs and lots of support to the families. #Norsk
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