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Complete details about North Korea in Asia with capital city Pyongyang

Country NameNorth Korea (Choson Minjujuui In´min Konghwaguk (Bukhan))
Country CodePRK
Capital CityPyongyang
RegionEastern Asia
Independence Year1948
Surface Area120538.0
Life Expectancy70.7 years
GNP5332.0 (old 0.0)
Government FormSocialistic Republic

Spoken Languages

Chinese     (0.1%)
Korean [official]     (99.9%)

Major Cities

Pyongyang, Pyongyang-si     (population 2484000)
Hamhung, Hamgyong N     (population 709730)
Chongjin, Hamgyong P     (population 582480)
Nampo, Nampo-si     (population 566200)
Sinuiju, Pyongan P     (population 326011)
Wonsan, Kangwon     (population 300148)
Phyongsong, Pyongan N     (population 272934)
Sariwon, Hwanghae P     (population 254146)
Haeju, Hwanghae N     (population 229172)
Kanggye, Chagang     (population 223410)
Kimchaek, Hamgyong P     (population 179000)
Hyesan, Yanggang     (population 178020)
Kaesong, Kaesong-si     (population 171500)

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