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Complete details about North Korea in Asia with capital city Pyongyang

Country NameNorth Korea (Choson Minjujuui Inīmin Konghwaguk (Bukhan))
Country CodePRK
Capital CityPyongyang
RegionEastern Asia
Independence Year1948
Surface Area120538.0
Life Expectancy70.7 years
GNP5332.0 (old 0.0)
Government FormSocialistic Republic

Spoken Languages

Chinese     (0.1%)
Korean [official]     (99.9%)

Major Cities

Pyongyang, Pyongyang-si     (population 2484000)
Hamhung, Hamgyong N     (population 709730)
Chongjin, Hamgyong P     (population 582480)
Nampo, Nampo-si     (population 566200)
Sinuiju, Pyongan P     (population 326011)
Wonsan, Kangwon     (population 300148)
Phyongsong, Pyongan N     (population 272934)
Sariwon, Hwanghae P     (population 254146)
Haeju, Hwanghae N     (population 229172)
Kanggye, Chagang     (population 223410)
Kimchaek, Hamgyong P     (population 179000)
Hyesan, Yanggang     (population 178020)
Kaesong, Kaesong-si     (population 171500)

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