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Complete details about Nepal in Asia with capital city Kathmandu

Country NameNepal (Nepal)
Country CodeNPL
Capital CityKathmandu
RegionSouthern and Central Asia
Independence Year1769
Surface Area147181.0
Life Expectancy57.8 years
GNP4768.0 (old 4837.0)
Government FormConstitutional Monarchy

Spoken Languages

Bhojpuri     (7.5%)
Hindi     (3.0%)
Maithili     (11.9%)
Nepali [official]     (50.4%)
Newari     (3.7%)
Tamang     (4.9%)
Tharu     (5.4%)

Major Cities

Kathmandu, Central     (population 591835)
Biratnagar, Eastern     (population 157764)
Pokhara, Western     (population 146318)
Lalitapur, Central     (population 145847)
Birgunj, Central     (population 90639)

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