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Complete details about Laos in Asia with capital city Vientiane

Country NameLaos (Lao)
Country CodeLAO
Capital CityVientiane
RegionSoutheast Asia
Independence Year1953
Surface Area236800.0
Life Expectancy53.1 years
GNP1292.0 (old 1746.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Lao [official]     (67.2%)
Lao-Soung     (5.2%)
Mon-khmer     (16.5%)
Thai     (7.8%)

Major Cities

Vientiane, Viangchan     (population 531800)
Savannakhet, Savannakhet     (population 96652)

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From @vietmaz on Wed Aug 31 23:33:38 EDT 2016 Vietnam, Laos step up cooperation in religious affairs at
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From @chiminychurva on Wed Aug 31 23:32:16 EDT 2016 @avesapirena @PEPalerts @bernardokath @imdanielpadilla dapat isama na ni du30 yang dalawa sa Laos.
From @MkPanz on Wed Aug 31 23:32:15 EDT 2016 Ese man parece de todos laos meno d la comarca
From @avesapirena on Wed Aug 31 23:31:46 EDT 2016 Naku! Kahit magkiss or magcangcangan pa yang dalawang yan sa movie ! LAOS na! @PEPalerts @bernardokath @imdanielpadilla
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From @DarrylDaugherty on Wed Aug 31 23:31:04 EDT 2016 @anyap That ship has already sailed, except possibly Laos, and their health system is inept on its best day so not likely to have data.
From @Nounii30 on Wed Aug 31 23:30:06 EDT 2016 I'm at National University of Laos in Vientiane Prefecture
From @laos_jp on Wed Aug 31 23:29:41 EDT 2016 ?????????? #1: ???? (1948?)